How To Eat Like A Kosher Billionaire

"Eating kosher food is no longer just for Jews," asserts lifestyle expert Stacy Cohen, the author of a new book, "The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe" (Simon & Schuster). "And it's no longer your grandparents' kosher food-it can be healthy, tasty, invigorating-even romantic."

Drawing on the foods of many nations and cultures, she offers 50 recipes of mouthwatering, heart-healthy dishes that observe all of the kosher laws, such as no dairy mixed with meat, no shellfish, no pork. Brazilian, French, Greek, Asian, Indian and many other rich cuisines are represented. Her recipes are based on a program created by Discovery Channel's "Diet Doctor," Dr. Melina Jampolis, an internationally renowned nutritionist.

"As a food-loving, gourmet-lusting, high-society woman, I can choose to eat anything I want, but I choose the kosher lifestyle because of its health benefits and long-running spiritual tradition," says Stacy. "I believe it's important that we each make such a choice for ourselves."

Stacy offers a variety of dishes for appetizers, soups, salads, lunch, dinner and dessert. Her starter dishes include Eggplant Burger with Parmesan Cream Sauce; Stuffed Cabbage with Chanterelles, Ricotta and Parmesan; and Vegetable Broth with Artichoke Croutons.

She describes White and Green Asparagus Salad and Pomelo Lavender in Citrus Vinaigrette as "a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. This tart/sweet salad blends traditional Continental ingredients packed with flavor and health and combines them with the unexpected, citrus-packed pomelo. The resulting fusion is modern, elegant and a perfect way to begin or even end a lavish meal, kosher- billionaire style."

Her pizza and pasta dishes include her own classic red sauce recipe. Her Greek Pizza, Vegan Tofu Pizza, and Red Pesto with Trofie are as healthy as they are tasty. And Stacy's fish dishes are out of this sea world, including Tuna Tartar with Broccolini Salad and Pickled Red Onion, Halibut Livornese with Spinach Grocchini, and Grilled Marinated Salmon with Beet Carpaccio and Bell Pepper Puree. Her meat and poultry dishes include lamb, chicken, beef and duck.

Best of all are the desserts. Grab a fork-or two-and delve into such treats as Caramelized Apple with Crème Chantilly in Puff Pastry with Yogurt Sauce, Roasted Figs with Fromage Blanc and Red Wine Sauce, and Chocalat Mousse with Strawberry Tartar and Basil.

"Throw out your old cookbooks-the gourmet cuisine will tantalize you no matter what religion you practice or what your bank account looks like."-Larry King, CNN-TV

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