Israeli Food- What Is Israeli Food?

You can easily imagine French food or Italian or Chinese, but Israeli food? I can hear you scratch your skulls trying to remember. Is that just kosher food made in some European style? Or is it Arab food made kosher? Well, Israeli food is probably a kind of mix off all these ideas, and yes- generally speaking it is kosher. By law!

Vegetable- an Israeli Favorite

Israelis have even their own new Israeli Kitchen that uses all kinds off local Israeli food ingredients like Israeli herbs and spices, Israeli fine olive oil and a lot of Israeli vegetables. Leaving in a Middle Eastern hot climate country, Israelis as a rule tend to combine more veggies in their dishes. Even totally non Israeli foods like French or German dishes, are added extra veggies once made in Israel- even though the original recipe does not contain no veggies at all! Considering the warming affect of fat and carbs over ones body, it is easy to see why Israelis tend to combine veggies into their meals.

By the way, did you know that even vegetables must be kosher according to torah law?

Kosher Food and Israeli Food

Israeli laws are not torah laws and yet Israel is a Jewish country, albeit being secular. The kashrut laws have made their way into Israeli food laws system, and for many years, it was very hard finding non kosher food sold in Israeli food markets. It is only today; more than a decade after the major non Jewish immigration to Israel began, that you can find non kosher chicken or non kosher beef in Israeli markets.

But what about the kosher veggies you might ask. Well, according to torah laws Jews are not allowed to eat slimes and bugs and such. In many veggies, growing out in the open, these creatures prosper and can easily be found. There for, there are some very detailed kashrut laws concerning veggies. It is understandable once remembering that torah forbids eating combinations off meat and dairy products. Even if it is a kosher meat (be it kosher lamb or kosher veal or kosher chicken or the like) and kosher dairy product we are talking about (such as kosher cheese or kosher yogurt etc.), it is not allowed to eat one with the other. And if eating kosher meat, you must wait a few hours before eating kosher dairy products.

Kosher Israeli Food- IsraeliSuper

The Ethnical Food Factor

Israeli society is after all combined of many different ethnical groups, each representing a unique Jewish cuisine originating in its own country of origin.

Many times, the only connection between foods cocked in different apartments of an Israeli apartments building, is the fact that the food is kosher. We will see a kosher Moroccan cuscus cooking in one apartment, a kosher pizza covered with Israeli "Zefatit" cheese next door and a Polish style kosher chicken soup boiling on the neighbor's stove.

Israelis abroad missing Israeli tastes

In a way, the industry of Israeli online food orders is helping to keep the tight bond existing between Israelis and their homeland. After all, each and every Israeli is a sun or a daughter of an Israeli mother, and we all know the important role played by food in the Israeli household. Thus, being away from home in some remote location or a small suburban American community, and still being able to order an Israeli meal combined of kosher ingredients such as kosher chicken or kosher bourekas (a baked Israeli dish containing Israeli cheese, meat or vegetables) is a treat many Israelis staying abroad will know to appreciate.

Israeli Food- is it healthy?

So, as you can imagine, Israeli food is varied and may surprise you at times. It is basically combined of dishes brought to Israel by immigrants from European or Arab countries, and in the last few years it is influenced also from the oriental kitchens of Japan and China.
Apart from being kosher, the Israeli meals usually contain a lot of vegetables. Thus the Israeli dish is many times healthier than the original foreign dish it is based on, particularly when compared to the European dishes on which many Israeli foods are based. Israeli kosher dairy products for example, will usually contain less fat than European similar dairy products; Israeli meat will also be cooked in less fatty styles, and so on.

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