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In the last few decades, humanity has known a World Wide Web blast, resulting in the internet's reaching to even the furthest of regions. This technological advance sends business into great turmoil in all fields of commerce, even purely ethnical businesses serving specific communities such as kosher food shops online. With the opening of online kosher food shops, one may say that new Jewish frontier is concurred by modernity. Harnessing the internet's powerful abilities for the mission of providing Jews with fresh kosher food at every corner of the USA, is an endeavor met by major players in the kosher food industry, such as AviGlatt kosher food online shop and deli.

Eat kosher wherever you are
Online businesses such as AviGlatt took as their mission to do just that- offering Jews around USA fresh kosher food delivery at a reasonable price, using advanced fresh food maintenance technologies. The goal of businesses like AviGlatt, is to combine financial success with firm ideological goals. By providing online ordering of kosher food for Jew around the United States, they are able to put their business expertise into good use for the community in which they live and prosper. And isn't the internet just that? A communicational tool providing the soil on which communities spreading over great distances can retain cultural common identity?

Kosher food keeping Jews together
Diaspora Jews has known the threat of losing their Jewish identity for more than 2000 years. One element which helped maintaining Jewish communal identity over all these years of hardship, was always the kosher food laws adhered to by Jewish communities world wide. Today, this communal attribute is being maintained by sending kosher veal or kosher chicken all around America by Jewish establishments like AviGlatt online kosher food shop.

Kosher frozen food- ensures high quality kosher delivery
Avi Glatt kosher shop is obligated to supply glatt kosher fresh food products starting with the most basic ones such as kosher salt, kosher coffee, kosher marinades and kosher dairy products and moving on to kosher meals department where you can find your favorite kosher gourmet food. Also available are Jewish traditional dishes such as kosher gefilte-fish and kugel, but if you like to experiment with new dishes, these are also readily available at Avi Glatt. Italian dishes, such as kosher pasta, kosher pizza and kosher spaghetti are available for delivery, and even kosher Chinese foods like Dim Sums are ready to order. If it is the Israeli cuisine you are after, kosher frozen falafel balls and kosher bourekas are a must!

The kashrut laws
Torah laws forbid Jews from consuming non kosher food, with special attention given to kosher meat, that can come only from certain animals and can be made only in a certain way called the "shechitah keshera". The holy Torah specifies in great detail the kinds of kosher foods allowed for Jews. Although the holy Torah's attention is focused on the meat of cattle and sheep, our sages of blessed memory learned in their wisdom the laws applied for all animals and birds.

The Shochet
The Shochet is the Jewish butcher. According to Torah law, it is allowed for every Jew to perform the ritual butchery. Even though, it is the Jewish costume that only a man who received the rabbi's permeation is a kosher butcher.

Naturally, a butchery is a kosher butchery only if the butcher (shochet) is a Jew. It is said that a goy can not performs kosher butchery, and even if he learned and practices all the ritual laws of kosher butchery from a Jewish shochet, meat butchered by him won't be considered kosher meat.

As many degrees of kashrut are available, each adhering to specific Jewish school and believe, kosher food shops are usually holding a great variety of products, at time you can find the same product in different packages and prices, with only the kosher stump different.

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