Kosher food - Symbol of Jewish Culture

Kosher food has become the symbol of Jewish national culture, together with the Jewish holidays and Jewish music. Originating from Jewish religious beliefs, kosher food is perceived by non-Jewish communities as a tradition, which symbolizes the specifically Jewish foods and preferences. Jewish stores are found in every big European city: the signboard which says "Kosher", declares that in this store you can purchase kosher groceries and kosher deli, such as kosher meet, kosher fish, kosher pretzels and kosher snacks.

Shopping for kosher food has become an art for Jewish religious women. For Jewish orthodoxies, it requires not only buying in specific supermarkets, but also checking all the foods for a rabbinic seal. This seal is a sign of a rabbinic supervision, which indicates, that the specific food has been prepared according to all the Jewish laws of Kosher, as it is said in the halakha. In every country there are different Kashrut supervising organizations. For instance, in United States there is "The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations", a non-profit service organization, which for many years has been a leader in the field of kosher supervision.

And there is also the matter of kosher style. This expression usually refers to non-Kosher foods, which aren't kosher, but can be produced as such. Kosher style food doesn't include the meet of forbidden animals, but only those which can be certified as Kosher. Kosher style food also doesn't contain mixtures of Kosher dairy and kosher meat, also forbidden according to the halakha. Jews who strictly adhere to laws of Kashrut don't eat in restaurants of Kosher style, but those who keep only a degree of Kosher, may eat Kosher style food.

Kosher food in America and many European countries has become a certain symbol or brand of Jewish national food. Many of the buyers of kosher food hold the belief that Kosher is not only food prepared according to Jewish law, but also a symbol of healthy, tasteful food.

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