Mexicos Delicious Frozen Desserts

Mexico is a hot country and sometimes Mexicans just want to cool off. They have many cool snacks to choose from, including ice cream sandwiches and popsicles. Many Mexican dessert recipes include tropical fruits, chocolate, or cinnamon. There are men selling these cool treats up and down the Mexican streets, a bit like ice cream trucks in the summer in the United States.

Paletas - The Refreshing Mexican Popsicle

Paletas means "little shovels" in spanish and these tasty popsicles can be bought in Mexican grocery stores. Their shapes are normal but their flavors are different from American popsicles. Some are mainly ice with tart flavors and others are milk-based with tropical fruits. You can even get a chili and cucumber flavored paleta.

The chili one is a bit spicy, so pepper lovers would enjoy this flavor. Paletas are easy to make at home and carry little fat. If you would prefer to buy them, paletas are sold at many street vendors in Hispanic neighborhoods. A California-based company named Palapa Azul makes paletas to sell to a much wider market, not just for Hispanics. You might even be able to purchase paletas at Wal-Mart!

Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Mexican fried ice cream is another mouth-watering treat. It is somewhat Americanized. You can find fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants in the United States and also at festivals. The ice cream used is more frozen than majority of ice creams. The ball of ice cream is rolled with different items such as cookie crumbs and then cooked in the deep fryer at a very low temperature. This allows the ice cream not to melt. Once it is fried, toppings can be added. Cinnamon is a common topping. Fried ice cream has become so common that it is also served in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. They add different flavors to the ice cream. You might find it green tea flavored.

Mexican Ice Cream with Cajeta Sweetened Caramelized Milk

If in the mood for just regular vanilla ice cream, cajeta would be a great topping. Cajeta is a Mexican confection of syrup most commonly made from caramelized milk that is sweetened. The syrup is made by the sweetened liquid being cooked slowly and breaking down until it is very thick. Some people use different liquids instead of sweetened milk.

You might find cajeta made with juice or a different sweetened liquid. Different parts of Mexico may know the milk candy by different names such as leche quemada and dulce de leche. It is topped on ice cream. Even the Hershey Company produces cajeta, which is targeted for Mexican food lovers. Cajeta is a great addition to ice cream, especially on a hot day in Mexico.

The above refreshing treats are easy to make yourself. You can find out more about the variety of flavors and have a go at making some. If you have children, they usually love to help with these sweet Mexican recipes, whether you are making Mexican fried ice cream, cajeta, or paletas. They also love to eat the final results! These cold Mexican snacks are ideal on a hot day but are great at any time of the year.

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