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Some of the best foods found in America are due to the influence of various cultures. There are many cuisines to choose from and some of the finest Italian restaurants and best pizza chains are found in America.

The standard of food in American is good and each city has its own particular kind of cuisine. Cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco have the most fabulous restaurants. Boston and New Orleans are known for seafood and Miami for Spanish flavors. New York steaks are a favorite among the visitors and almost any type of food is available due to the mixture of a variety of cultures.

Boston people consume a large quantity of sea foods like lobster and crab and since most of the restaurants in Boston are owned by the families there, the standard of food is guaranteed to be of high quality. There are a very large range of food varieties at very affordable prices, not only in big cites of America but also down south in Louisiana and South Carolina.

American food boasts for value for money because it caters to the needs of all kinds of people who want a square meal as well as a smaller budget meal, without compromising on the taste. Even for people who are on diet, special foods are served. The burgers are offered with fries and high calorie foods like fried French onions, bacon and cheese.

The American desserts are legendary like the Pecan pie and Mississippi -mud pie. Tourists in the Deep South can enjoy the gumbo soup and jambalay. New England’s specialty foods are simple and of high quality, too. Similarly, New Haven is known for creating hamburgers as back as a century ago and is a necessity in an American food.

Maine is reputed for its lobster and exports them too. San Francisco celebrates a crab season since it has some of the world's best crabs. California offers a range of foods including artichoke, avocadoes, goat’s cheese and other green produce. An additional bonus is the Napa valley wine which is the best wine that the state has to offer. So, America has the variety of cuisine that is diverse and differs from state to state that is unique to them.

But American food is notorious for processed foods and junk foods are quite common in America. It is an understatement that junk funds have very bad effects on the health of a person. It is a bad habit that has to be controlled. America is mainly responsible for spreading the fast food culture and the result is that a majority of the American people are obese today. But the consoling news is that there is an increasing awareness among the people about the harmful effects of fast food.

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