Restaurants Serving Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular styles of prepared foods in America. There are several restaurants and stores on almost every street corner that serve or sell Mexican food.

Finding a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food can be a tenuous task but definitely not a task that will leave you with an empty stomach. There are a few things to look for when finding an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food.

Length of Time the Restaurant has Been in Business

The length of time a Mexican restaurant has been in business is a sure bet as to the authenticity of their prepared cuisine.

Ask the Locals

If you are new to a town or city, simply go up to anyone and ask then where the best Mexican restaurant in town is. If you ask more than one person you may get a different answer but generally there is one good Mexican restaurant that serves up the best cuisine this side of the Mexican border, and the best way to find it is to simply ask the local residents.

Cuisine Made from Scratch

If a Mexican restaurant serves their food hot and their tortillas are made from scratch, you will be able to tell immediately if the food is going to be top notch! Typically, if you have had Mexican cuisine in the past, you know the difference between jarred salsa and salsa that has just been made that morning. Using all natural ingredients such as 100 percent cheddar cheese and fresh ripe jalapenos is a sure bet that the Mexican food in the restaurant has been made from scratch and will be mouthwatering and delicious.

Busy During Weekday Lunch Hours?

Many times you can tell how good a Mexican restaurant is just by how busy they are during the weekday lunch rush. If it is hard to find a table at 12:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, chances are the Mexican restaurant is a pretty popular place and where everyone wants to meet to have a good lunch break.

Try for Yourself

The only way to really know how well a Mexican restaurant stands up to its competitors or to your palette for that matter is by taste testing the food for yourself. Some of the more popular Mexican dishes served up at most Mexican restaurants are beef enchiladas, nachos, tacos and chips and salsa.

Usually chips and salsa are served as an initial appetizer, if their salsa is fresh and homemade and doesn't taste like it is out of a can than most likely you have found a good Mexican restaurant that will serve authentic Mexican food.

The best part about finding the best Mexican restaurant in town is simply going to the Mexican restaurant and sampling the fresh, cheesy, crunchy delights for yourself.

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