Taste Of Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food has become a billion business! With all the outlets combined, it is clear that Americans are enjoying the flavors of Mexican food. Food experts say Americans are acquiring more adventurous tastes, as well as cravings for new flavors and ingredients. Mexican food is an acquired taste for some, but for others it is an immediate love and sometimes even an obsession.

Mexican food has been built upon from many diverse cultures. It is a combination of the Spanish cuisine which was brought in by the Spanish settlers, mixed with the native foods of the Mayans and Aztecs. It also includes flavors from the Mojave and Apache tribes. You will find a lot of similarities between Indian and Mexican cuisines, especially in the use of chillis, tortillas, salsas, and rich sauces.

Salsa, the Spanish word for sauce, is uncooked and sometimes pureed until chunky, smooth, or chopped. In modern salsas ingredients include large red tomatoes, tomatillo, chipotle {a staple in the Aztec diet} and the avocado. These are the same core ingredients used in the past. Salsas, relishes, and chutneys can liven up even the dullest of dishes. It is rare to find any Texas style food without one of these accompaniments.

Mexican food uses authentic ingredients that come from its particular geography and culture. It varies by region, because of local climate, geography and ethnic differences. The north of Mexico is known for its meat dishes and beef production. The Southeastern Mexico region, on the other hand, is known for its chicken-based dishes and spicy vegetable.

At its heart, Mexican food is fragrant, flavorful and exciting to the palate. The ingredients used should be fresh and the toppings should never overwhelm. They should instead complement the dish.Mexican food in its essence is very light, very dependent upon chiles and herbs and nuts and spices. So the food tends to be very light when done the right way.

Tortilla chips, margaritas and chili con carne are now well-known around the world.. Tortillas are made by curing maize in lime water and then kneading the mixture into a dough, and cooking the thin patties on a flat grill. The most common tortillas in the United States' version of Mexican food are made of corn, but this version of the corn tortilla is very much unlike the authentic, original version.

Eating authentic Mexican food is comforting and flavorful on the palate and very fulfilling to the stomach. Mexican food in a restaurant has its place, but for me nothing beats the taste of authentic Mexican food.

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