Tasting Unique Cuisine

Cruises around the world will give explorers the opportunity to experience some of most delicious cuisine imagined. If you have the palate it could be the experience of a lifetime.

*Argentinean Beef

*Brazilian Empanada

*Scottish Haggis

*Greek Frappe

*Swedish Köttbullar

Argentina Beef

Numerous cruises around the world will take you to Argentina where they have been raising cattle for over 4 centuries. In that time the Argentineans have succeeded in producing some of the finest beef the world has known. During your visit you simply must find some Asado beef. Asado beef is not only one of the local favorite foods but it is the way it is prepared. The preferred manner of preparing the Asado beef by the locals is by barbecuing it. The beef is prepared in outdoor grills and served with a number of tasty sauces and dips. I don’t know if it was the air or the beef but both were absolutely wonderful. It is truly unique by any standards.

Brazilian Empanada

Cruises around the world will typically stop in Brazil and while you are there a must try is a favorite dish of many visitors; the Empanada. It is chicken, onion, tomato and spices that are wrapped in dough and then deep fried, almost like a Mexican ranchero. The combination of the chicken, vegetables, spices and fried dough was to die for. You can get also get empanadas with shrimp or beef, either way they are a great example of the local flavor.

Scottish Haggis

Your visit to Scotland must include a sampling of their famous traditionally prepared dish: haggis. Cruises around the world will give you access to infamous Scottish haggis. The dish is a mixture of sheep liver, lungs, heart, oatmeal and onions which then are boiled in the belly of the sheep for a number of hours. The result dish is tender, spicy and full of flavor, nicely paired with a Sangiovese"if you can find one in Scotland! This is obviously a traditional dish created by sheep herders who couldn’t afford to waste any part of the animal. If you can get past the way this traditional dish recipe was prepared you courage will be rewarded with a meal that is quite tasty.

Greece Frappe

In some parts of the world the word frappe is generally associated with a creamy type of milkshake. But cruises around the world that take you to Greece will present you with a different frappe. A Greek frappe is a strong-tasting coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, and evaporated milk. Many Greeks who indulge in frappes like to top theirs off with a layer of steamed milk foam. The flavor of frappe is unique with a strong but sweet coffee flavor and the evaporated milk adds a creamy element to the drink. The frappe will be a unique experience as well as an eye-opener.

Swedish Köttbullar

Sweden is a popular stop among cruises around the world and a visit here is not complete until you try Köttbullar. Now don’t get edgy Swedish Köttbullar is actually Swedish meatballs but prepared probably a little different then you are used to having elsewhere. The recipe calls for preparing beef, onions, breadcrumbs and pepper. The beef is mixed with the other ingredients and rolled into meatball shapes. Placing the beef in an iron skillet they are cooked thoroughly. The Köttbullar is then topped off with a sauce that has been made with beef broth, butter and beer. You’ll find different combinations as well with some using club soda, different kinds of fruits or vegetables. All of them are wonderfully tasting and satisfying to the palate.

During an American Express World Cruise you’ll be given the opportunity to taste some of the most unique cuisines indigenous to the countries you’ll be visiting. You will find the dishes as exotic and diverse as the people who prepare them.

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