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The saga of today's Mexican food began in 1519 with the arrival of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes in the Mexican territory. After he conquered Mexico in 1521, a remarkable thing happened. The Spanish and Aztec cultures combined and the result was the birth of the newly formed Mexican food. The newfangled cooking was based on an original mixture of ingredients, some of which are still used today in traditional Mexican food - for example lemons, cheese, garlic, corn, milk, and red wine.

The national Mexican food didn’t stop evolving. In the last three centuries, the well established Mexican brand blended with South-western American food and transformed to the public’s delight. Even though this new cuisine is based on traditional Mexican food, it’s a lot spicier then its ancestor. That’s why Americans consider Mexican food as being highly seasoned. Of course, it’s not the exact case. Mexican food can taste savory, sourly or even sweet, and not just hot. Many Mexican free recipes for all types of dishes are available to stand for this statement.

The main ingredients in modern Mexican food are corn and the famous frijoles, or beans. Frijoles are the essential vegetable in the majority of Mexican kitchens as they are easy to prepare (free recipes are at hand), cheap and quite nourishing. The above mentioned free recipes include dishes like tortilla soups, which have become extremely popular over the last decade.

There is a large variety of web pages that still offer free recipes for customary Mexican food. This is why contemporary Mexican foods and beverages (e.g. tequila) have surpassed simple burritos and beer ("cerveza") and have become more and more extravagant. Mexican food today includes different delicacies like salsas, cacti or guacamole. The main advantages of these new dishes are the numerous manners in which they can be cooked, manners that are now available to anyone thanks to the very popular free recipes.

All Mexican food appears to combine easily with the aftertastes and ingredients of other foreign cuisines. Common free recipes can help anyone prepare Mexican pizza, pancakes, tortillas, chump and salads - dishes that seem to mix up conveniently with African and Asian cooking as well as Italian cuisine. The USA melting pot might be a recent unexpected occurrence, but Mexican food is nowadays as American as lasagna, pizza, or polenta.

Incredibly, not few visitors to the southeastern border are usually astonished to realize that traditional Mexican food isn’t the same with the Mexican dishes across the American border. Mexican food served in the United States doesn’t represent the real traditional Mexican food, but an adaptation that resembles it. However, the Internet offers several hundreds of free recipes for miscellaneous dishes like mole sauce and other delicious seafood that can help you enjoy the traditional Mexican food.

Mexico is an eclectic country that has different regional cooking specialities encountered in the diverse free recipes available throughout its territory. For instance, in the region around Puebla, the most frequent Mexican food that the average tourist will find in the free recipes, will be a mixture of sweet herbs, hot spices and cocoa. In other cases, around the dominion of Veracruz, one will encounter free recipes consisting of dishes that rely on fish to a great extent such as the local tacos or tamales served with juicy olives and fresh tomatoes. In other regions such as Yucatan, traditional Mexican food is based on fruit sauces. For example, the free recipes that serve Seville oranges on a banana leaf are very appreciated by the locals.

All these Mexican food specialties are key ingredients for the world-famous Mexican cuisine. Therefore, because free recipes are at our disposal, what we should all do is start enjoying them one by one.

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