World Famous Foods of New Orleans

Forget the hurricanes, forget the crime rate; note that New Orleans is one of the top ten most visited cities in the US. Why do you think? It’s got the best live music (read Jazz), cocktail, markets, nightlife and absolutely cheap food. Also, it’s quite eclectic in its culture, which reflects in the diversity of cuisines you’d find. If you don’t already know, restaurants New Orleans, are world famous for their food. Cuisines are influenced by the French, Italian, Spanish, Native American, African and local Creole. Quite exhaustive isn’t it? It’s finally a hodge-podge of a distinct local essence that’s immensely palatable.

Lookout for local delights like beignets, French doughnuts, Italian Muffaletta sandwiches, unique Creole dishes and red beans and rice, when you visit the best restaurants New Orleans. Also don’t leave the city without trying their oh-so-mouthwatering Pralines. They must be the most sinful things in New Orleans. If you’re looking out for specific joints, you’ve got Palace Café and Jonhny’s PO- Boys for seafood, Clancy’s Restaurant, Galatoire’s Restaurant and Mr B’s Bistro for French and Creole, and Fiorella's Café for the best and cheapest fried chicken.

This is just a miniscule representation of the cuisine selection you get here. There’s no trouble finding ample Italian, American or Spanish food either. Just pay a visit to this Crescent City and you’d know.

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