Fun Fruit Snacks For Kids

It is so important that our kids eat healthy, nutritious snacks, but what do we feed them and how do we keep them fun and exciting so that the kids will actually want to eat them? Fruit is a good choice for kids snacks that allows for variety in many ways.

There are tons of ways that you can incorporate fruits into the snacks your kids are already eating or you can create new snacks that are sure to be a hit with your kids.

Some fun and easy snack ideas that you can incorporate into your kids current snack time include: fruit juice pops, create fruit pops by freezing your child’s favorite flavor fruit juice in Popsicle molds in your freezer. They can eat this fun snack along with their favorite cookie or sandwich for a great after school or after play snack.

Another fun addition to your child’s snack would be a fruit smoothie. These are fun and easy to make at home and tastes great. Mix a container of yogurt; a small amount of milk and your child’s favorite fruit in your blender and you will have a smooth, nutritious drink to enjoy.

If your kid’s like Jello, you can add fruit to any flavor to create an even healthier snack for them to enjoy. Simple chop up the fruit into the Jell-O mix as you mix it or open a can of fruit cocktail or your child’s favorite fruit, drain and stir into the Jell-O.

Some more creative fruit snack ideas include creating your own fruit kabobs with skewers and diced fruit. Alternate the fruits and even roll them in sugar for a fun treat. You can also create fruit pizzas using sugar cookie dough, your favorite fruits and some cream cheese. Bake the cookies per directions, frost them with cream cheese, and pile on the fruit.

Fruit with dips are also fun to create. You can create a chocolate fondue or a sweet fruit whipped cream dip, by mixing Cool Whip, a package of cream cheese and a jar of marshmallow crème together to form a wonderful creamy fruit dip. Kids will go crazy dipping all their favorite fruits in this sweet dip.

Fruit salads can also be fun for kids to create. A great way of making a fruit salad is by chopping or dicing up your favorite fruits and pouring in a sweet pie filling or glaze with it, you can also use a Jell-O mix to create a tasty salad. There are tons of ways to sweeten and jazz up a fruit salad combination.

Fruit can be incorporated into other fun treats, such as pancakes, waffles, and cereals, by piling fruit on top or stirring it into the mix. You can even just eat fruit alone if your child will cooperate. Besides, today’s stores sell great fruit options, which are quick, and easy to give your child, these include great applesauce mixes that include other flavors, yogurts with fruit, parfaits and more.

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