Healthy Lifestyles With Some Berries

As I had talked about the importance of omega three fish oils being in our bodies, along the the freshest dark fruits and vegetables, along with harmony in the village and progress being seen, poor people can come to feel, with each small advance, a bit little more rich.

So comes this easy to remember term to eat Surf and Turf, such as cold water fish and dark fruits and veggies, to fight against cancers add who cancer fighting champions with the new power cohort champs.

Science has again confirmed that two powerful antioxidant foods, when combined, magnify their cancer fighter power by more than double. What began as party talk between two scientists resulted in them combining their research to how how there might be any unexpected additional good effects. So, Allan Conney, Ph.D from Rutgers and George C. Wagner, Ph.D realized while one was looking at health benefits of caffeine on Parkinson's Disease, the other was studying green tea and skin-cancer protection.

Their discovery was that the combination of caffeine and exercise may shield you from skin cancer. It is always a good feeling to send good news out, and then to see further research confirms or not. And so we move forward, and are living longer, as we learn to live more healthy lifestyles and care of ourselves.

We know we need to combine eating fish and any dark vegetable or fruit. Tuna and halibut (and other fish) contain selenium, a mineral that raises your levels of a cancer-fighting enzyme called thioredoxin reductase (TR-1). Likewise, broccoli provides sulforaphane, a plant chemical that also boosts TR-1. When British researchers combined these two nutrients, they noticed that the mixed team was 13 times more effective at slowing the growth of cancer cells than each was on their own.

The scientists believe that as selenium concentrations in your cells rise, the ability of sulforaphane to elevate TR-1 increases. Eat a handful sized piece of meat with vegatables regularly. As well as fish, foods such as beef, turkey, Brazil nuts, and mushrooms are excellent sources of selenium. And cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage are also loaded with sulforaphane.

Other good combinations are Salsa and Avocado. The healthiest bright vegetables are rich in carotenoids, powerful plant pigments that reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and cataracts.

But we love our secret that you now know. As well as vigorous exercise, you can pump yourself with a delicious cup of coffee. And, to fully benefit from these disease-fighting compounds, you need to eat them with fat. In fact, Ohio State University researchers found that people who ate a salad with half an avocado over it absorbed 5 to 10 times more beta-carotene and lutein-carotenoids found in carrots and spinach, than those who ate salad without the fatty avocado.

In addition, the salsa added to the mix boosted the absorption of lycopene, a carotenoid in tomatoes, by almost five times. Fatty acids are needed to help carotenoids dissolve in the intestines, says lead study author Steve Schwartz, Ph.D. These lipids are also an essential part of creating lipoproteins, which transport the carotenoids in the bloodstream.

So for a tighter bottom line: any time you eat colorful vegetables, whether raw or lightly cooked, have some healthy fat too. It does not have to be an avocado, it could be one ounce of cheese, two pats of butter, or two tablespoons of full fat ranch dressing will fill the bill.

So, yes, we do need some fat a day. Two Tablespoons full. And a good long walk, or remember science says all that cold water is sludging fats and grease along your artery walls. Cup of Coffee or tea, will help un stick that goo from your linings. Here is to clean living, clean thoughts, clean linings. And we will savor the joys of life, do good some smile, and smile within the rest of the day. Enjoy your cuppa.

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