Orange Fruit Recipes

Orange is basically a sweet and acidic fruit. Orange fruit haves a various families. Orange fruit is belongs to the citrus fruit family. Another botanical name for orange fruit is hesperidium. Orange fruit has a vitamin C. Vitamin C is basically used for high pressure. Vitamin C has uric acid, isoprostanes, C-reactive protein and prostaglandin.

There are various orange recipes:

•Creole Oranges
•Orange Syrup
•Orange Date Salad
•Ginger Orange sauce
•Orange chipotle sauce

Creole Oranges:


For the preparation of Creole orange the following stuffs are want to add. Take a two cup full of sugar and quarter cup of water and one table spoon lemon juice and six oranges are used to make the sweet Creole oranges.


Boil the water and sugar mutually for five minutes and pour the lemon juice. Peel the oranges. Make syrup with the few slices at a time of half minutes. Arrange a dish in a flat plate and add the syrup over on the fruit with chill. Creole oranges are ready to serve with lash ice cream.

Orange Syrup:


For the preparation of orange syrup the following stuffs are want to add. Take a one cup full of sugar, one cup full of boiling water, one table spoon lemon juice, quarter cup of orange juice and peel of one orange.


Boil water and sugar for five minutes. Pour the fruit juice and peel of oranges are boil for the time until the best regularity to add the syrup.

Orange Date Salad:


For the preparation of orange date salad the following stuffs are want to add. Take three cup of pounds oranges to nearly six cups are accepted. Half a cup of sugar, one teaspoon cinnamon, ten medjool dates, half cup roughly chopped walnuts, one teaspoon orange flower water, mint leaves for garnish.


1.Cut the bottom of each and every orange under that want to place a dish to collect the juice. Throw out the peel and slice each orange into three-eights-inch crosswise slices and use to cut that each slice as half. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Keep the orange in a large bowl and shake over the sugar and cinnamon inspiring to coat.

2.Cool the dates at short time to support for slice and cut into strips and add them to the oranges. At the same time add the walnuts and orange flower water and stir it well.

3.Arrange in a serving dish and decorate with a few mint leaves. Keep it cool when before serving.

Ginger Orange Sauce:


For the preparation of Ginger orange sauce the following stuffs are want to add. Take a half inch piece of fresh ginger root, one orange, one table spoon extra virgin olive oil, two teaspoon balsamic vinegar, quarter teaspoon kosher salt, quarter teaspoon freshly ground pepper, quarter teaspoon soy sauce.


1.Cut the peel ginger into small pieces. Wash the orange keenly. For five minutes boil the ginger and orange in a cup of water and drain it well.

2.Juice the orange it will need quarter cup of juice. Beat the olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and soy sauce into the juice. Stir it well and add orange peel and ginger together.

3.Let wait for three or more than hours.

Orange Chipotle sauce:


For the preparation of orange chipotle sauce the following stuffs want to add. Take a roma tomatoes with top removed, one red onion cut into rings shape, four large garlic cloves, one to one and half oranges peel without seed, two canned chipotle peppers in adobe sauce and it should be drained. One table spoon adobe sauce from canned chipotle, two to two and half cup vegetable or chicken stock, one or one and half cup orange juice, half a cup of honey, needed salt and pepper.


1.Check tomatoes, onion and garlic until they are well burnt.

2.Combine grilled ingredients with remained ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook it for half an hour.

3.convert the cooked ingredients to a food processor and sauce is liquid but its little bit thick. And this sauce can make with chicken poke also instead of ginger.

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