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A new super food recently hit the media. The name of the food is Acai and it's a small purple berry from Brazil. This single food has remarkable health benefits for the body. It is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals and scientists link these to cancer, aging and even weight gain.

A free radical is an atom with an odd numbers of electrons. Since electrons occur in pairs, the odd electron in the free radical is unpaired and searches for a partner. Thus free radicals in the body tend to capture electrons from the outer layer of the cell membrane, which in turn disturbs the constitution of the soft cell covering, making it hard. This hard covering prevents the proper passage of oxygen and nutrition to and from the cell, and finally the cell dies. The body is naturally able to repair some of this damage, but if the damage is significant and if the changes affect the DNA, then diseases and premature aging are likely. In this context, antioxidants slow down and reverse this harmful process by providing the body with the extra electrons, preventing the depletion of the cell membrane and thereby promoting the body's healing and revitalizing power. There is a direct proportionality between the strength of the antioxidant and its beneficial use for the body, and among tested antioxidants, Acai has been found to be the most potent.

You can probably taste the real food only if you own an Acai palm planted in your backyard. The fruit has quite a high amount of fat contents which leads to a rapid deterioration once harvested. Most of the commercial producers process the fruit and thus maintains the superior quality. The processing involves freezing. It is freeze-dried which is basically processing the pulp to form powder. Freeze-drying is most effective for retaining the nutrients. Acai processed juices are also available in the market.

Amazon power is a manufacturer that uses this freeze-drying technique. This helps in preserving the nutrition in the powder. This also makes logistics like transportation of Acai berries easier. The consumer can also decide how to use the powder. Lot of people who use Amazon Power Powder likes it to mix it in their shakes, health drinks, and juices or just sprinkle over some fruits or cereal. The versatility of its use allows many ways of absorbing the goodness of Acai berries into the body.

The powder form has numerous advantages. You can conveniently carry packets of dried Amazon Power powder with you wherever you go. When you have your food arrives, you simply need to empty the contents of the packet into your drink, and there you have the goodness of Acai berry in your food. It is simple as it gets.

Some of the benefits of the powder are increased energy, shorter recovery period after exercise, improved digestion, better sleep, and heart maintenance. Because of its powerful antioxidants, 10 times more powerful than red grapes, it also may combat premature aging, help fight cancer, increase mental clarity and strengthen the immune system.

Acai also has other nutrition besides just antioxidants, although those alone make it enough to add to your daily menu. It has essential amino acids, omega fats (these are the good fats), electrolytes, and vitamins A, B1 and E. It's like taking a supercharged yummy vitamin.

The taste of the Acai is quite unique. It is much like a berry with chocolate, only you'll never have any remorse after getting the chocolaty taste. This super food is not just good for you but also tastes good too! If you haven't tried it yet, why haven't you? It makes you healthy, in the powdered form its easy to use, and it tastes good. What more could you want?

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