Raising Your Hot Dog I.q.

Hot dogs are a favorite American food, but a recent survey indicates that Americans' affection for these favored franks is tainted by the "mystery" of what's inside.

The survey from Hebrew National, the higher authority of hot dogs, reveals that nearly half of moms (49 percent) are still unsure what's actually inside hot dogs, citing "mystery meat." The majority of moms suspect hot dogs are made of fillers (80 percent), by-products (76 percent), artificial flavors (66 percent), artificial colors (64 percent) and low-quality beef (63 percent).

Understanding kosher products-inside and out-is the key to raising America's hot dog I.Q., or inner quality. With Hebrew National kosher franks, only the finest cuts of kosher beef are provided, with no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or by-products. For a food to be certified kosher, it must meet strict manufacturing and examination processes using only select cuts from the front half, or forequarter, of the cow. In other words, moms who choose kosher beef hot dogs know what their families are eating. There are kosher hot dogs to suit all tastes and appetites, including Hebrew National's new Jumbo Beef Frank, featuring the same great taste as a regular Hebrew National hot dog, but at nearly twice the size to satisfy heartier appetites.

The survey, which also looked at what makes summer a quality experience for families, revealed that time-challenged working mothers find the grill is the best place to heat up a quality summer. Nearly nine out of 10 working moms equate grilling and barbecuing with summertime and call the hot dog the "official food of summer" on the grill. Hot dogs provide a great solution for working moms based on what they look for in a meal option for their families: Their kids will eat it, and it's convenient and fun to eat.

Seventy-five percent of moms say they look for quick and easy foods to serve their hungry, busy brood. Hebrew National has created some great tips on how to make franks fun for the family during the summer months and beyond:

• Italian-style frank: Top with tomato sauce, roasted peppers, sliced olives and shredded mozzarella, and serve on Italian rolls.

• Frank kabobs: Go bunless with kabobs. Cut Hebrew National franks into small chunks, cut an assortment of vegetables and fruit-pineapples, peppers, olives-and help the kids decorate a kabob stick to their liking.

• Fishy frank: Cut four 11/2-inch vertical slices into each end of a frank, place on a plate and microwave. The ends will pop out to make an octopus.

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Learn more at www.hebrew national.com.With Hebrew National kosher franks you get only the finest cuts of kosher beef, with no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or by-products.