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Food and festivities have been the chief sources of man's recreation for ages. With technology creating a revolution in our lives, man has adapted himself to more mechanic ways of entertainment and recreation. However, there is one common factor that we can never do without. The obvious answer is our appetite and love of food! There is hardly any festivity or celebration that does not call for some mouth-watering delicacies. And why not… we work to have a taste of the various joys the world has to offer, food being one of them. For those who are constantly thinking of gaining those extra calories, natural food, in the form of fruits and juices, is the ideal way out.

Since the growing rage of health consciousness has taken over the dietary patterns of people in general, consumption of fruits and low calorie food has come to acquire an important place in our modern lifestyles. Of late, the awareness regarding the health benefits of fruits has grown considerably. If Indians love mangoes, then Americans can boast of being the biggest watermelon lovers around the globe. Without a doubt, watermelons are a hot favorite among the Americans. In fact, watermelon lovers have done a great job by organizing watermelon festivals throughout the country and spreading a word about the nutritional benefits of this amazing fruit.

A number of renowned organizations had taken the initiative of conducting a watermelon festival after the World War II in order to lend support to their individual communities; the American Legion of Newberry is one of them. However, with the flow time, these festivals became popular by word of mouth and soon began attracting lots of attention. Pure fun is not the only objective of watermelon festivals; the success of these festivals also helped to raise funds for the cause of social service.

Watermelon festivals have become one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. Beauty pageants, recipe contest, games like the ‘biggest watermelon eater’, etc are conducted, which enthusiastically participated by the people. Food fair and beauty pageants form the major attraction of watermelon festivals. Besides, exhibition of art work in the form of watermelon carving and fruit carving draw the crowds. The Louisiana Watermelon Festival, the North Carolina Watermelon Festival, and the Newberry Watermelon Festival are some of the biggest festivals organized in America.

The enormous popularity of watermelon festivals in the US can be taken up as inspiration in other parts of the world to arouse awareness among the people about the health benefits of this fruit. It is not possible for the common man to take the initiative to know about the nutritional benefits of the foods they consume. As such, organizing such festivals as the watermelon festival allows us to know more about such important dietary facts in a playful manner. So let your family relish some of the tastiest watermelon delights by participating heartily in a watermelon festival.

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