Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones With Goji Berries

The young and old alike can benefit from the muscle and bone strengthening properties of Goji berries. Children need nutrients to build up their strength in the first place. Teenagers need them to make the growth through puberty. Adults need maintenance muscle and bone strengthening.

Goji berries can help everyone for all the same reasons. The vitamins in Goji berries play a big part in their ability to strengthen your muscles and bones. It is becoming increasingly evident that the B Vitamins play a vital role in bone health. People who eat Goji berries are taken care of in this regard because these berries contain large amounts of at least 3 of the B Vitamins.

Vitamin C is important in the synthesis of a substance called collagen. This substance is important both in the strengthening of bones and of muscles. Goji berries have an ample supply of Vitamin C -- much more than in oranges.

Of course, everyone knows by now that calcium is important in building strong bones. So, it is good that Goji berries contain a large quantity of calcium in every ounce. The calcium is easily absorbed, especially if you get some sunshine or some other form of Vitamin D.

A recent discovery is that a low sodium diet also helps to strengthen the bones. An ounce of Goji berries only has about 24 mg of sodium. As long as you do not eat too much sodium in the rest of your foods, you will be fine in this regard. The sodium in the Goji berries is a very small amount.

Strength training, or weight bearing training, is a very good way to increase strength not only in muscles, but also in the bones. How does this relate to Goji berries? The key is that Goji berries help the body with endurance and tissue repair so that strength training can take place on a regular basis.

Besides these bone strengthening properties of Goji berries, there are also benefits that help primarily the muscles. Goji berries are high in iron. If your iron becomes too low, you will become anemic and lose strength in your muscles. Indirectly this will weaken your bones because you will have trouble exercising.

One final ingredient in strengthening muscles is to enjoy plenty of laughter. When you laugh, you give your muscles a workout. You also release beneficial chemicals into the body that help with your overall well-being. Since eating Goji berries can improve your mood, you might find that you are laughing more easily and often. This is just one more way Goji berries increases your strength.

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