The Banana Split - An Overview

I scream, you scream, for ice cream, banana split please. The banana split is a dessert that is comprised of ice cream and yummy topings. When it is in its orginal form it is served as a boat; named because it is in a long dish. Some times it is placed in a cup and its layers vary. A classic boat begins with a banana cut in half, legnthwise and laid in a dish. It is called a banana split because you split the banana into two parts.

There are many variations of toppings that a person can get on their banana split, but the classic split as just scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. The scoops are served in rows ontop of the banana. Most people will then get things like pineapple topped on each ice cream scoop.

Fresh strawberries and other berries can be placed on top of a banana split as well. Then chocolate syrup is drizzled over and it is topped with nuts, cherries, and yummy dairy whip. Of course, you can ask for your banana split to be customized and most ice cream stands will place any kind of ice cream that you want ontop of the banana.

As for the person who invented this dessert, it was invented by a man named David Strickler. He was the soda jerk at a drugstore in Latrobe, PA, USA. David also invented a banana sundae. The banana split celebrated it's 100th year in 2004.

A couple years after the banana split invention and crazy, it was re-done, except this time it wasn't a peeled banana. The invention didn't go to well, because everyone disliked haven't to break open the chocolate, ice cream covered banana.

In Wilmington, Ohio it is said that the banana split started there. Even though there are some controvesery over the true inventor, Wilimington celebrates every June and has a festival in honor of the banana split. Appearently, as the story goes, the dish was made as a contest so that they could attract the local college students in the dead of winter. Instead of having the contest, the entrepreneur just started to play around and his creation was in fact a banana split.

Believe it or not it was a drug store that promoted the ice cream dish. The famous Walgreen's adopted the dessert as it's signature way back in the day and that's how the freenzy for banana splits spread through out the country, but today it is stated that no one sells more banan splits than Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen is located through out the United States and it is fast food chain that markets ice cream all year round. Dairy Queen claims that they sell more than tweenty-five million banana a year. Don't expect the chocolate or strawberry ice cream though; they serve their banana splits with vanilla soft serve only. But practically everone who sells ice makes a lot of banana splits, but have you ever heard of the dessert, upside-down banana split?

An upside down banana split is exactly what it is. It is a banana split taken and reversed. It is usually sold in a cup. The cup as various toppings like pineapple, chocolate syrup, cherries, strawberries, dairy whip, and nuts placed on the bottom of the cup. Then you get a scoop of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. Wondering where the banana comes in? Well the banana is cut into slices and placed on top of the ice cream. The next time you go to the ice cream stand, ask for a banana split, it may just catch on like the orignal.

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