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The body needs oxygen to survive. Yet, there are times when blood becomes unpure, perhaps from too much intake of oxygen. The body is then polluted with free radicals that can cause various health problems. When you think of a car rusting, you will know that oxygen exposure contributes to the degradation of the metals. To think that is happening to your insides should make you more health conscious!

It's for this reason many people are incorporating foods rich in antioxidants into their diet. Antioxidants provide the balance the body needs to maintain purified blood flow. Foods such as eggplant, blueberries, dark cocoa, and cherries are naturally high in antioxidants, yet one of the most popular sources comes from the Amazon Rainforest. The dark purple acai berry is high in antioxidants, protein, and omega 3 fats. In concentrated powder form, acai has the potential to enhance the nutritional value of just about any food.

The natives of South America have long used acai to power shakes, juices, and smoothies. As an additive to beverages, acai packs a healthy punch and helps people get through the day with an added burst of energy and well-being. Yet, acai powder should not be limited to drinks, as there are limitless ways to enjoy the amazing benefits of acai without having to go to the smoothie shop.

Powdered acai can flavor and improve the nutritional value of any hot or cold drink. Here are a few suggestions:

Tropical Acai Smoothie

* 7 ounces pineapple, orange, or other juice - try papaya or mango for something exotic
* half cup soy milk, reduced fat milk or vanilla yogurt for added texture
* one whole banana
* one gram or teaspoon of acai powder
* half cup crushed ice (optional)

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Garnish with fruit if desired. This smoothie is cold and delicious, perfect for a hot summer's day.

Steamed Milk with Acai

* 6 ounces soy or reduced fat milk
* one gram or teaspoon of acai powder
* one teaspoon honey

Steam milk in an espresso steamer or warm on stove top, do not scald. Stir in acai powder and honey. Serve warm and enjoy on a cool evening.

Other suggestions for acai powder include:

Oatmeal - For added nutritional benefits at breakfast, a teaspoon of acai powder stirred into a bowl of piping hot oatmeal adds an exotic flavor, so no unnecessary sugar is needed.

Pancakes - Blueberries are common additives in this breakfast favorite, so why not acai? Mix some acai powder into the batter, add blueberries, bananas, or granola, and create a healthy treat.

Soup - People are doing more and more creative things with soup stock these days. There are cold soups made with a tomato base, and fruit based soups to provide a unique dessert alternative. Stir in some acai into a thick-based soup and taste the enhanced flavor, and benefit from the health properties.

Bread - Like homemade bread? Why not mix some acai powder and boost the nutritional value of every sandwich you make for lunch?

As acai is available in limited supply in most parts of the world, an Internet search may be necessary to find what you need. Watch labels and make sure you are getting the purest acai available to enjoy with your recipes.

If it can be mixed, it can be enhanced with acai powder. Experiment today with favorite recipes and feel the benefits of this amazing super food.

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