Watermelon: The Fruit for Every Occasion!

When it comes to planning a perfect diet, there is only one natural food that offers you the perfect combination of health and taste. The benefits offered by it cuts on calories but not on health. This natural food is none other than a watermelon.

Health benefits of watermelons have been talked about unanimously. No wonder, watermelon is America's favorite fruit. Not only a refreshing drink, watermelons are exceptionally good for the heart and the nervous system. Packed with the punch of essential vitamins, this low calorie fruit re-hydrates the body to bring relief during the hot summer months. Since 90% of the fruit is composed of water, watermelons have acquired a loyal following, especially of the fitness freaks.

For those who do not like to consume fruits in general but have taken to it on account of health reasons, watermelons offer a lot of varieties to cheer about. This wonderful fruit can be consumed in various forms- as a fruit, as a snack, as a drink or smoothie, as desserts, pies, ice creams and what not! There are a number of recipes that can easily be prepared at home. Frozen watermelon desserts like the Americana Basket, Watermelon Popsicles, Watermelon Snow Cups make use of watermelons in combination with other fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruit, blueberries etc. The goodness of watermelon in combination with these nutritious fruits works wonders to provide almost all the necessary nutrients required by your body.

If desserts are not enough, you can select from the wonderful range of watermelon pies like the Harvest Watermelon Pie, Watermelon Pie A La Mode, or Watermelon Spice Pie. Besides one can always try out the amazing cakes and cookies for a quick bite - Watermelon Cup Cakes, Watermelon Coconut Cake with Raspberry Filling are some of the tasty bites that can be tried out. The watermelon salad is hugely popular as a brunch, especially among the health conscious. However, watermelon drinks and smoothies are the most popular drinks, especially in America. Not just pure watermelon juice, Watermelon Almond Sorbet and Watermelon Milk Sorbet are just as delectable.

Watermelons can also be used as party drinks. In western countries, the concept of hard watermelons has become quite popular. This involves boring a hole into the watermelon and pouring liquor inside. This allows the fruit to acquire the flavor of the liquor. The watermelon is then cut and served as 'hard watermelons'.

Watermelon rinds are also consumed as pickles in countries like China. Watermelon seeds are even roasted and seasoned to be consumed as snacks. No wonder, watermelons have slowly qualified themselves to be one of the most perfect of all natural foods.

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