Body Fat, Tribulation Otherwise Blessing? Do You Get The Plan?

For a long time, one determined only because of the absolute body weight if an individual were obese or not. The body weight only however constitutes a reliable characteristic neither for a possible obesity, nor for a good general health or bad because it can be composed of percentages fully different of muscular mass and fat.

An example on this subject: If an individual does much sport, one can leave the principle (while simplifying) that its body weight is composed for a more significant part of muscular mass than it is not the case at a non sporting individual. Our sports man can now be heavier because of his muscular mass, but however in better health than the non sportsman. In the same way, an individual who aims at reducing his body weight with a diet can be certainly lighter than another person, but present a higher percentage of body fat and thus a worse general health. It is in particular during the diets which the tendency is rather with the muscular loss of muscular mass than the loss of fat.

It is for these reasons that the definition according to which obesity is characterized as the presence of superfluous fat has been imposed for a few years.

In our Western industrial nations, the number of clinical signs due to a percentage of too high body fat is subject to concern. Too high values of body fat are comparison, and that rightly, as prove it scientific investigations, with a raised cholesterol level, hypertension, cardiac diseases, the diabetes and even cancer. Moreover, the psychic consequences of obesity should not be underestimated either.

On another side, it should not however be forgotten that body fat is supposed to fill of the extremely important functions: a lack of fat can lead to a deficiency in vitamins and nutritive substances which are stored there and which have an essential consequence for the vital functions of the human organism. Moreover, body fat contributes, in the same way that body water, to control the temperature of the body. It is also the fat which covers the articulations of the man and who protects the internal organs.
Superfluous body fat is formed when so-called "the energy balance" is positive, i.e. when the contribution in calories by the food which we introduce is higher than the consumption of calorie. The food is used initially as supplier of the energy which the human body must use to maintain its vital functions; in form part for example breathing, the circulation blood and the conservation of the minimal body temperature. In second place, the contribution in food meets the energy need that all the physical activities to the full extent require, therefore, for example to go, speak and obviously also the sports activity.In third place finally, a part of the energy delivered at the time of the catch of food is on the other hand necessary to the digestion even of food.

The daily requirement in calories indeed necessary to the three quoted fields, especially because of our daily activities which require, nowadays, most of the time little movement, is however largely below the values which one usually supposes. The consumption of calories for the various activities of many individuals is also largely estimated at a too high level.

False estimates of this kind, a food often too rich in fat and the largely widespread lack of exercise lead so that today great parts of the society have an extensive weight, and it is in this considerable measurement that the children are also concerned with this fact.This supports once again the risk of serious diseases.

The key to reduce superfluous body fat is to reach a negative "energy balance", i.e. it is necessary to consume more calories than what is given to the body at the time of the food. This can be reached thanks to a balanced food and poor in fat which must be obviously adapted to the respective requirements of each individual: a person working hard physically has naturally a requirement for calories definitely higher than a person working in a sitting position.

In order to guarantee a durable success at the time of the reduction of the percentage of body fat, a modification of the food practices should always go hand in hand moreover with a more important physical activity. The sporting exercise does not consume only complementary energy, it also contributes to creation with the creation of muscular mass. This one plays a role which one should not underestimate when one plans to reach a negative energy balance because the muscles consume additional energy, even with the at-rest state, i.e. also when they are not in activity.

With the balance of nowadays you can as well measure your share of body fat and your share of muscle. These professional balances now are not at all reserved to dietitians, cardiologists …

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