Calcium And Why We Need It

Doctors and advertising campaigns are constantly drumming the message home that calcium is needed for women's health. There are two things wrong with this statement. For one thing, children may also be spoken of at the same time, but men are rarely mentioned. Another problem is that there is rarely any explanation about all the functions calcium serves.

Every human being who has bones and teeth needs calcium to maintain them. In fact, the greatest percentage of calcium in the body goes to these two parts of the body. Yet, even though the percentage of calcium in these areas is the greatest, it does not mean that other uses of calcium in the body are any less important.

In fact, if those other uses are not taken care of, the body will mine for calcium where it can find it and soon the bones and teeth will be weakened by the loss. That is why, when a woman bears too many children too quickly, she often begins to have dental problems. If she does not have enough calcium to meet those other needs of herself and the calcium needs of her baby, the calcium in her teeth will begin to be used up.

All of the other functions of calcium in the body are very important. Calcium is needed to help the blood with normal clotting. Without enough calcium, it would be too easy to bleed too much and too often.

The heart is also protected by the mineral calcium. The flow of blood is partially regulated in and around the heart by calcium. If you have ever known anyone who has taken calcium channel blockers for angina or other heart problems, you know that the correct rate of calcium movement in these areas is essential.

Calcium helps with glucose metabolism in the body's cells as well. It affects diverse systems in the body. It aids in the nervous system where it regulates nerve impulses. It is necessary in the musculo-skeletal system where it not only helps the bones but also aids in muscle contractions. It is even active in the endocrine system where it helps with hormones and enzymes.

Women do have two special needs for calcium in their lives, other than the exceptional needs of pregnancy. Women are far more prone to osteoporosis. Calcium can help them to prevent this disease if they can get the mineral in an absorbable form. Women and girls can also benefit from calcium because it helps to relieve PMS.

Men and women, boys and girls, all need calcium. They need it for their bones and teeth, but they also need it in their cells. They need it in the basic systems of their bodies. It is always important to get enough calcium.

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