Eating Well Year-round

Whether you're going to parties, dining in for the evening or hitting your favorite restaurant, there are ways to keep nutrition and taste on your plate. Try these tips:

• Make A Plan And Eat Smart-Have a strategy in mind, since you can't completely cut out all unhealthy foods from your diet. Survey your choices and decide which foods to indulge in and which are not worth the calories.

• Talk To A Pro-According to the New York State Dietetic Association, you can consult with a registered dietitian about topics ranging from eating healthfully to dealing with stomach problems and eating disorders. A dietitian can even help people manage diabetes and obesity or have a healthy pregnancy and a better breast-feeding experience.

• Think Size-Choose smaller portions of high-calorie items. Fill your plate with vegetables, low-calorie dips and salsa or fruit salads. Enjoy your food choices by taking time and savoring your meal.

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