The secret to having your sweets and dieting to.

Sugar Candy or hard candy is a favorite of all small children as well as many grown ups. We like to call these loyal lifetime candy connoisseurs, the "Mob". Let me tell you that hard candy is so universally popular, that you would be hard pressed to find one Mob member who doesn't enjoy at least one flavor or type.

Sugar Candy, also known as "hard candy" in all its tens of thousands or more yummy forms is made by simply taking a thick solution of sugar water and adding tasty and attractive colors or flavors. Many countries outside the United States turn them into what are known as "ice pop candies" by freezing them. The United States hasn't caught up with this trend yet and that is very unfortunate!

The term candy is covers a wide term which includes chocolates, liquorice, toffees, candy bars, chewing gums and many more. Traditionally, candy is also known as confectionery or sweets.

I do know that my candy loving mob members care so much about what everyone calls it. The mobsters just want that sweet flavor in our favorites, and we just want to get rid of some of the guilt.

So I won't lead you astray. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your sweet treats without the guilt. Hard as it is to believe, all sweets are different and should not be looked at as the same diet destroying food. I and many other mob members are health conscious.

Consider a lollipop. Basically a lollipop is sugar candy with a stick on the end of it. As compared to a thick chocolate bar, a sugar free or low-sugar lollipop or other hard candy makes a better choice for someone trying to make a certain weight.

It is more or less similar size and mass related. In other words, you probably eat way less food with a little hard candy, but still get the total sweet satisfaction you crave. A great example is the simple Dum Dum lollipop. They usually come in the variety bag with root beer, grape, cherry, watermelon and other assorted flavors. This simple and tiny little lollipop has experienced steady impressive sales for as long as I can remember. A Dum Dum or any other hard candy on a stick creation, can always be made in a way that diminishes sugar without ruining taste. The overall calorie load is limited by size.

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