Get Ready to Enjoy Roasted Pecan Treats

Roasted pecans can be used for many recipes including favorites like pecan pie, adding them to a favorite salad, or tossing them on ice cream. The best part of making these amazingly good recipes is the thought of how scrumptious the buttery sweetness will taste when you are done. We felt like we could not go without talking about some special recipes that will allow you to use your favorite ingredient; the roasted pecan. Take heart, the recipes are not listed below in their full form but you can very easily search online for them. We wanted to give you an idea of how wonderful these new recipes might taste and to get your mouth watering for more. Don’t forget while you are online; make sure to buy loads of roasted pecans for these treats. You are going to need them.

Peach Coffee Cake With Roasted Pecans

What kind of hostess would you be if you did not consider new ideas for your coffee cake to serve to your guests? This coffee cake is made with fresh peaches and with the freshest roasted pecans you can find. It gives you a rich creamy peach taste combined with a sweet, yet buttery flavor all rolled into one. There is even a splash of buttermilk to make it more delectable. To find this recipe, simply take a walk to your local search engine and there it will be for you to create and enjoy.

Girls Night Treat

For a special girls night treat, take your favorite brand of roasted pecans and dip them into your favorite topping. Imagine a rich chocolate fondue dripping from each buttery pecan. Your girl friends will love this amazingly sweet and sinful treat. You do not even have to tell them just how good the roasted pecans are for there heart or those they can actually use them in their diet to help loose weight. Just let them enjoy this one treat even if they think it is a naughty snack.

Cookies To Smile About

Where would we be without the wonderful cookie? The mix of roasted pecans in the well known chocolate chip cookie adds a whole new spin on this childhood favorite. Your favorite roasted pecans are chopped and mixed into your own special family chocolate chip cookie recipe and baked to a golden brown. They taste experience will be just like the old time bar recipe your grandmother used to make. Be the mom on the block that doesn’t just make chocolate chip cookies for your kids and their friends, be the mom that everyone raves about with this special treat.

Be Creative In Your Cooking

It does not matter what you choose to make with the roasted pecans. The choice is strictly personal. The great things about the roasted pecans you can buy on the internet is that they are ready to eat and can be tossed in just about any recipe you choose. They are that versatile and so wonderful to enjoy anytime you want!

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