How much health does a walnut contain?

Numerous medical studies have demonstrated that walnuts have amazing health benefits and should be incorporated in everyone’s diet. Filled with nutritious elements, a walnut can help you improve your state of health and maintain it. With the help of the Internet, you can find out now why a black walnut can do so much good, what are its benefits in general and most importantly how to incorporate it in your diet.

In the past few years, statistics have shown that our diet tends to incorporate more and more bad habits, with harmful fatty foods and excessive amount of carbohydrates. This kind of diet has been linked to the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and cerebral attack, these being just three examples of what unhealthy eating habits can do to us.

In an effort to promote the importance of healthy eating and raise awareness when it comes to proper diets, specialists have started to use the most powerful tool they’ve had in hand: the Internet. They filled pages and pages, available for every interested Internet user, with the advantages of healthy eating, especially for the Mediterranean diet, always including plenty of olive oil and walnut of all kinds. The reason why black walnut is so much praised is because it contains what is known as Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, along with a proper percent of protein and carbohydrates. These substances are known to protect us from atherosclerosis, heart and cerebral attack, protecting our vessels and whole body in general.

Doctors and other scientists in the field have tried to point out that it was high time to do some thinking and start eating healthy food. The Mediterranean diet is especially preferred because it is known to offer the body exactly the proper nutrients it needs and this is where walnut come in. They represent a rich and delicious source of Omega-3 fats, plus other important amino acids, helping the body to get rid of all those nasty fat that usually deposits on the walls of our arteries and cause later in life a blockage. There have been plenty of studies related to the importance of black walnut and all of their findings can be seen online. Still, what one must understand is that high cholesterol is one of the major risk factors observed in people who eat meals with high-fat content. Walnuts can be easily incorporated into any meal, no matter if it’s light or more serious, providing they are only healthy fats, having a beneficial effect when it comes to cardiovascular health.

So, if we were to discuss any further what are the exact advantages of a walnut? How much good can a black walnut bring to us? The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that by providing the body with Omega-3 fats, walnuts serve primarily the brain. Our brain needs to feed with such fats and this is one of the reasons why walnuts have been considered for a long time food for brain. It helps our neurons function to a maximum capacity, providing the energy they need and ensuring that every neural process goes exactly the way it should. Studies have shown that a low level of Omega-3 fats has been linked in kids with attention disorders, hyperactivity and even behavior changes. Also, other further studies have proven that a diet with a low intake of Omega-3 fats can lead to insomnia and other serious health problems.

How can we prevent all these mentioned above and other more serious from happening? We do so by making sure that we inform ourselves thoroughly from all the websites presented online and also by eating some nuts from time to time. Apart from being incredibly delicious, they are healthy and can even prevent gallstones from forming. They are an important source of bio-melatonin, one of the precursors of melatonin, a significant hormone for our body. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and it has two important actions: one of dealing with normal sleep patterns and other by being one of the most powerful antioxidants for our body. Melatonin help the body to escape what is known as oxidative stress and thus we can draw the conclusion that walnuts may even prevent free radicals from forming. These are known to cause cancer and other serious diseases, especially cardiovascular and neurodegenerative. We could all benefit from the positive and nutritious effects of walnuts, so the next time you prepare a salad toss some black walnuts in there. Delicious and healthy at the same time, they will promote your well-being and protect you for other diseases later in life.

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