How to Choose Delicious Pecan Pralines

You’re hungry for some delicious pecan pralines but you know not all of these tasty confections are created equal. The big question is how do you choose the ones that are going to be the best, most scrumptious of them all? Below are some tips that will help you.

Choose Seller Carefully

The easiest place to find pecan pralines are in your local supermarket or retail store, although depending on how far north you live that might be a challenge. However, these are probably not going to be the pecan pralines you’ve been longing for.

To keep prices low, mass manufacturers of any product will usually cut corners in terms of ingredients and will need to fill the pecan pralines with artificial preservatives so it won’t go bad or lose its color during the long journey to the shelf and its long period on those shelves.

Instead, buy from a direct seller, probably someone who either specializes in pecan pralines or in pecan-related delicacies. You will pay a little more and may have to wait for a shipment before you can indulge your sweet tooth but it will be worth it.

Look for High Quality Pecans

The essence of pecan pralines is obviously the pecans. Their quality will determine the quality of the overall product so you want to be sure that only the highest quality pecans are going to be used.

Again, one way to do this is by avoiding the mass produced pecan pralines in your local stores. Generally, these are going to be made with the lowest quality pecans available and that’s going to give the resulting product a less than stellar taste. They may still be okay but they aren’t going to taste anywhere near as good as pecan pralines made using real locally grown, top grade pecans and that’s what you’ll find at companies such as Tanner’s Pecans & Candies.

Reputation of Seller

Another important factor in choosing your pecan pralines should be the reputation of the seller. You don’t want to buy generic pecan pralines or candies from a company that makes tons of other types of confections. Instead, you want to buy from a company that is committed to making the best pecan pralines available.

One of the best examples seems to be Tanner’s Pecans & Candies which is based in Alabama and has been involved in the pecan industry for more than 40 years. Because they are already well-known for their other pecan products, including some of the best pecan pies on earth, consumers could trust that their pecan pralines are going to be superior to those found in local supermarkets.

Trial & Error

No more how many guidelines you have sometimes you just need to do some taste testing to find the most delicious pecan pralines. Trying all of those different ones might seem a like a real challenge but if you stick to only those produced by top quality manufacturers you’re going to enjoy every bite.

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