How to Shop and Store Pecans

There are many places to shop for pecans. You can find them in farmers markets, grocery stores and online. You can buy them also from growers as well as distributors. When shopping for these nuts there are some things that you will need to know. Look for plump nuts that are uniform in color and size. Unshelled nuts can be stored for up to six months, while nuts in the shell can last up to a year. Shelled nuts can also be stored in a freezer for a period of over two years. Knowing how to store these nuts is a way to extend their life.

How do I store pecans for maximum freshness?

When storing pecans, you need to keep in mind that using sealed plastic bags for freezer storage is the ideal way to store in the freezer. By storing them in this fashion, you prolong the freshness factor. When storing them in the refrigerator, it is wise to store them in airtight containers. Jars with lids are recommended, but any air tight container will do for storing in the refrigerators. Remember that they can be frozen and refrozen in the freezer without loss of taste. When storing outside of a refrigerator, keep in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard. You can use air tight containers or plastic bags to store these nuts. However this is not recommended for storing.

Why is proper storage for pecans so important?

When storing pecans, if they are stored incorrectly, then you lose flavor, texture and freshness. Improperly storing these nuts can lead to spoilage and nut rot. This will then mean a loss of produce that could have been saved if proper storage procedures had been followed. Another thing to remember about storing these nuts, if you store them at room temperature in a dark place, you do run the risk of having those nuts infested with bugs. These are some things to keep in mind when storing nuts properly. Proper nut storage is vital to extending the freshness and flavor of these nuts.

How do I use stored pecans correctly?

When using stored pecans, the main thing to remember if they are shelled or unshelled. With an unshelled nut, all you would do would be to crack the nut and remove the nut. Then use the nut as the recipe dictates. When dealing with frozen nuts, you will need to let them thaw out before usage. Once they are thawed then use them as you need them. Those really are the only differences in how to use stored nuts correctly. Remember that you can use and re use frozen nuts. The freezing action will not hurt the nut and will preserve the flavor.

All this sounds really simple for buying and storing pecans.

Pecans are easy to buy and to store properly. By following these tips, you can buy and then store these nuts with confidence.

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