Pistachios  A Perfect Hostess Gift

Do you ever think about finding the perfect hostess gift? Think about presenting the hostess with an attractive container of pistachio nuts. What a great one-of-a-kind idea! Almost everyone likes pistachios and lots of people think they are a tasty treat.

Although the argument can be made that wine is the ideal hostess gift, this idea has its drawbacks. I recommend you stay away from wine unless you actually know the host's wine preference. Some people do not drink alcoholic beverages due to religious or health reasons. And pistachios aren't just for the adults; kids love them too.

Some people recommend giving flowers as a hostess gift, but that may not be the best choice as it takes her away from the party to locate a container, trim the stems, get water, and arrange for a place to set them.

And how about giving chocolate? Isn't that an adequate gift to bring a hostess? What if the hostess in question is on a low-sugar diet or is allergic to cocoa? Then you have a nightmare on your hands without even taking into account preference between milk and dark chocolate.

An excellent choice is pistachios. Not only do they make an unusual and delicious gift choice, they also have great nutritional value. Pistachios are high in nutrition, antioxidants, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. For those worried about their figure, pistachios are low in saturated fat and are even nutritious, filled with many key vitamins.

Research indicates that eating a small quantity (between one and a half to three ounces of pistachios) daily can lower levels of cholesterol and improve cardiac health. A recent study by Pennsylvania State University found that pistachios might lower high blood pressure. An ounce of shelled pistachios includes approximately 43 to 49 kernels and provides about 179 calories.

Because you have to shell them one by one, pistachio nuts in the shell keep you from mindless munching. So pistachios can easily be added as part of a healthy diet. Educate yourself about these tasty little nuts, and you'll find more reasons to love them.

As well as sending pistachio nuts along as a hostess gift, I tend to grab them up in bulk over the winter season and send further low-cost gifts to my friends and neighbors. Using a clear treat bag, I fill it with the nuts, fold down the top, and attach a personalized, computer-generated holiday card. It's a good idea to keep these delicious treat bags handy in the event that an unexpected visitor brings you a gift. You will be able to give a gift in return, impressing your guest with your thoughtfulness and special consideration in creating it for them.

Because they are hard to resist, be sure you have plenty of roasted pistachios on hand. You certainly don't want to consume all the nuts you set aside for gifts and wind up having to give your hostess that cheap bottle of table wine you had hidden away for a rainy day after someone brought it as a hostess gift for you.

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