Praline Pecans For Sweet People

Praline belongs to the confections variety of sugar syrup and nuts. Praline alone was invented way back in the seventeenth century by one of the cooks in France. Back then, pralines are made up of whole almonds that are coated individually in caramelized sugar. Then, there have been many variations to the original pralines. Different nuts can be used other than almonds like walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and pecan nuts. Praline pecans are now popular and are the most sought after.

A Praline Pecan or Nougat?

Is there a difference between praline pecans and nougat? Well, if you taste them, you will say “no” but when you get to know the details of the two, then the answer is “yes”. Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish pralines from nougats but if you will take careful notice, you will find out that there is a slight difference between the two.

Like praline pecans, nougat comes also from the variety of confectioneries of similar origin that are made of honey or sugar and different roasted nuts which are sometimes also incorporated with candied fruits that are chopped into tidbits. Here now is the difference, if pecan nuts in praline is individually coated by the caramelized sugar, nougats are not. Instead, it is a sheet of caramelized sugar covering a particular nut or an assortment.

The Many Faces of Praline

Praline is not only limited to praline pecan. When the sugar coated pecan nuts is grinded, the powder that you get here is called pralin. Pralin powder can be used as an ingredient in pastries, cakes and ice cream.

Pralin powder when mixed with chocolate is now called in French, praliné, giving birth now to the famous Belgian chocolates, they are chocolate-coated various fillings. In Switzerland and France, when you hear the word praline, it refers to these Belgian chocolates, when in English it is simply termed ‘chocolates’.

Praline as Seen by Different Countries

In France and Switzerland, praline refers to Belgian chocolates; they are different fillings that are enrobed by chocolates.

In Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, when you talk about pralines, they refer to the pralin powder or pastes that are used as fillings by chocolates.

In the United Kingdom, pralines are commonly referred to as the fillings for chocolates, but some also refer them to the original pralines - meaning, the sugar syrup and nuts combination like the praline pecans.

The Pecan Advantage

Pecan nuts are among the numerous nuts that has an epidemiological benefit in our body. It has been proven by research that people who consume pecan regularly have a lesser chance of having coronary heart diseases. Pecan contains antioxidants that help in lowering the cholesterol level.

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