Roasted Pecans and Other Sweet Pecans For Special Occasions

In a week, you will be hosting your family reunion. You feel great about it because it will be your first time. If you recall your family reunion last year, it was a blast of fun, great food, and good company. Since you don’t want to ruin the family gathering, you have planned ahead of time the food and the setup. Together with the other family members, you planned and divided the tasks as to who will prepare what. And also, you tried to recall what other dishes you can prepare that delight their taste buds. Since the younger ones are not able to cook something, their assignment is to meet and greet and guests when they come. And everyone else was excited for the upcoming family reunion.

Your eldest daughter is fond of making cinnamon roasted pecans because her cousins really loved it when she prepared it during their get-together. And so you let her do her thing, while you plan to prepare your favorite praline. Your husband volunteered to roast the pecans right before serving. Surely, its aroma will make it more inviting to your guests. You are also excited to make roasted pork and added pecans, and all others were getting excited to have a mouthful of it, since you only cook it on special occasions.

And to get you started, you have already purchased raw materials for the food. For your dessert, how can you forget the roasted pecans and the raw pecans? Your children have been kicking to make goodies out of roasted pecans for their cousins. Roasted pecans are definitely tasty and sweet, have buttery texture, and are perfect for any creations of recipes that your children will gladly make.

The day of the reunion has come. Guests start to arrive, and as planned, your little ones meet the guests with a bowl of roasted pecans. Your relatives are really happy to see them again, and haven’t forgotten to pick up some roasted pecans. Your house is filled with the rich aroma of the roasted pecans, especially that they were just roasted. After some time, all the guests have arrived, and the dinner started. Of course, the desserts are really attractive to the kids, and so they finished early with the main course and started eating the cinnamon roasted pecans, others were munching the praline pecans. After dinner, everyone gathered at the living room and the kids had some presentation to entertain everyone.

After hours of merrymaking, the reunion ended with goodbyes and goodnights. Since there were lots of desserts that you prepared, you had packs of cinnamon roasted pecans and praline pecans as giveaways to your guests. Everybody was thanking you for hosting a wonderful family reunion and the giveaways. You also thanked them for coming over. The family reunion was a huge success and your family enjoyed the annual gathering. You thanked everyone for the help and cooperation to make the event successful.

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