Roasted Pecans: Another Taste of Pecans as Perfect Gifts

Everything is set for your visit to your relatives in another state. As a sign of courtesy to them, you are planning to drop by a shop and purchase some goodies. Since most of your relatives your relatives are already in their 40s, you thought of something healthy but not so sweet. Even though you were in a hurry because you might not catch up with the next train, you still managed to take a closer look at every pack of goodies on display. And your eyes caught the roasted pecans. On the next shelf, you saw a row of tins of raw pecans. And so, you grabbed five packs of roasted pecans and five tins of raw pecans and rushed to the counter. By just looking at the appearance and packaging, you are confident to give them out as gifts for your relatives.

In the course of your travel, you take out your favorite book. After all, a four-hour trip to your destination would mean more pages to be read from your favorite book. While you were into the reading material, your mind suddenly shifted to the roasted pecans that you just bought at the shop. You then think that it will not be a sin to consume one pack out of ten, just to satisfy your curiosity about roasted pecans. You opened one pack and took a bite on the roasted pecan, and then you start to chew for more. Your last chew of the roasted pecan took you halfway into the book. You were thinking again of opening just one tin of the raw pecans, but then you thought that it will be better to save them later. After a few more minutes, you weren’t aware that the train stopped and it’s time for you to get carry your things and the gifts that you brought from the shop.

After a few more minutes, you arrived in your relatives’ place. They were very happy to meet you finally after so many years. The last time they saw you was when you were only 10 years old, and they can really tell that you have grown much, now that you are already 25 years old. You handed to them your gifts of roasted pecans and the raw pecans.

After some time, you have settled your things in one of your relatives’ house. You started to exchange questions on your whereabouts, and how glad you are to see them and vice versa. After a while, they served in the table the roasted pecans that you bought for them, together with coffee. And they really liked the pecans, either the roasted or the raw ones. One of your relatives volunteered to make praline pecans using the raw pecans for your dessert by dinner time.

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