Roasted Pecans for the Holidays

Giving gifts for the holidays is always an exciting time of planning. Each year, the creative souls seen to try to come up with new and innovative ways to take a simple but tasty treat, and make it a wonderfully special treat for family and friend to enjoy. The real specialty of the roasted pecans is in the way they are decorated and the creative packaging you can come up with to make each treat personal to the receiver. Even the kids can get involved with this project. You can order your roasted pecans online and have them shipped directly to you while the other crafty items can be found in your local craft store. Listed below are some very creative ideas for giving roasted pecans to those on your list this season.

The Tin Man

As the tin man was looking for a heart, the tins you choose for your roasted pecans need to be the heart of your gift giving to each person. They can be special to what each individual prefers. Some online stores can provide you with the most beautiful tins to use to adorn your roasted pecans but, you can also find some very unique ones on your own. Let’s say you have a family member who loves cartoon characters, the tin you give them can be of that character. The great thing about this type of gift is not only do they get to enjoy the sweet buttery treat inside; they get to reuse the tin over and over again for other things.

Handmade Bags

Online stores and the local craft shop will be able to provide you with some really creative bags. You can choose them in different colors and different textures. Decorating the outside of the bags for the roasted pecans is the part that is most fun. Try adding stickers or your own artwork to each one. The possibilities are endless and so are the ties that you can use to hold them together.

Dry Jar Recipe Kits

The idea of adding your roasted pecans to a jar of other dry ingredients is a wonderful start to creating some amazing recipes especially for cookies. The recipients will only need to add a few wet ingredients, mix, and cook. The dessert creations will be ready in a short time and can be shared by the recipient as well as others making it a gift of sharing.

Coming Up With Your Own Ideas

Take some time and think creatively about what ways you can dress up your roasted pecans to make them wonderful gift ideas. You know each person you will be giving them to and what they really like. Do not hesitate to let your creativity shine in decorating the outside wrapper of each one. You can be assured that the contents inside will be able to take care of them with each buttery, sweet bite the gift recipient takes. It is a gift that will be the one you can use over and over again each year. It might even start a tradition in your family.

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