Shopping for Peanut Butter Fudge

Congratulations! You have decided to order some peanut butter fudge online. Yet, with all the websites offering this scrumptious product how does one choose where to order their peanut butter fudge from? There are a few specific qualities you should look for when seeking a company to order you fudge from. If you follow these suggestions they you should end up with a tasty treat that is fresh and flavorful.

Time in Business

Anyone can put up a website and declare themselves in business. You want to look at the company’s website carefully. Most respectable companies will have a section on their history including how long they have been in business. A company you want to do business with should have at least 5 years experience. Of course the older they are, the better the product. After all, if the product is not good then the business should not last very long. Avoid companies that do not state how long they have been in business on their website. Chances are this is a fairly new business and, while the peanut butter fudge it sells may be delicious, it is safer to go with a firmly established company.


A good peanut butter fudge company that believes in their product should offer some type of guarantee. It might be money back, or a store credit or replacement of the product. However they handle this issue, if a guarantee is not offered then do not order from this company. After all, if a company refuses to stand by their product than they must not like it much either.

Warm Weather Shipping

As with most other food products, peanut butter fudge should not be shipped in hot weather. The only exception is if the company has made preparations to ship their product in such a way as to avoid spoilage or melting due to hot weather. They may charge a little extra for the shipping during warmer months but it is worth it to be able to enjoy peanut butter fudge year round.


Of course you want to make sure the company you choose uses prime ingredients for their peanut butter fudge. Some companies will provide a list of ingredients on their website. Other companies will provide a description of the ingredients they use in their company history. And there are some companies you will need to contact directly to ask for the ingredient list. A company that is not willing to provide a list of ingredients is suspect and should be avoided.

In conclusion be sure to check the companies experience. You want a peanut butter fudge recipe that has been around for a long time. Make sure the company offers a guarantee and will ship the freshest of fudge year round taking into account the heat of the summer. And of course you want to make sure the freshest of ingredients are being used. If you follow these 4 suggestions you are sure to order the best peanut butter fudge available.

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