Sweet Treats Made With Pecans

Basic Thoughts to Start With

There are so many different kinds of sweet treats that you can make with pecans either to munch on as a snack or as a dessert. Having all of your ingredients at hand is very important whenever you are cooking or baking anything; this way you do not need to stop in the middle of your cooking or have someone else go out to the store for anything. This is not only frustrating but a waste of time. You may be thinking that there is not that much that can be made with these pecans; all that can be said is, don't be so sure about that. You can do so much more with this humble little nut than just snack on and cook with them.

Choosing the Best Quality Pecans

When it comes to choosing the best quality pecans there are several things to think about: will you be using those nuts right away, do you need shelled or unshelled nuts, are you buying from a farm stand or the grocery store and do you need to store them long term. The best advice is to buy whole unshelled pecans if you plan on storing the nuts for any length of time and/or using them only to create decorations.

So Do You Use Cold or Dark Storage?

If you plan on cooking or baking, you might want to buy shelled pecans to use immediately, and then store the rest in airtight containers and/or in the coolness of the freezer. This is a good way to keep them for a while, as the frozen nuts keep well for quite some time. You can store those whole unshelled nuts in a bag, jar or any kind of container for a long time as well. When trying to decide exactly how to store those how long you intend to keep them in storage and whether they are shelled or not plays a be part in how you choose to store them. If you choose to crush them to use as part of your recipe, how is it best to store them? Storing crushed up pecans in a storage bag or glass jar is ideal.

The Sweetest of Treats

Getting down to the real meat pardon the pun, of this project is the fun part of this. This is where the process of measuring and mixing begins to make those treats. Most of the time you will probably munch on quite a few of those pecans as you are mixing and measuring the batter. It does not matter whether you are making cookies, candies, brownies or any other type of sweet treat, you will enjoy your creations once they are finished baking or chilling. Different methods of storing your pecans have already been discussed. One useful piece of advice here about munching on a few pecans while you are baking with them or just by themselves is to have a glass of water, soda or juice nearby; you will need it. There is no salt added to freshly picked pecans but they can create a bit of a thirst; not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

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