The History of Roasted Pecans

Roasted Pecans have been around since the Native Americans found they could use them for food while traveling. Roasted pecans became a ritual event before going off to hunt. They did not spoil easily and are a small enough snack to carry in a bag without taking up a lot of room. They were perfect for providing the Indians with a nutritious snack that was known for taking away hunger. The roasted pecans eaten today are used for the same snacking purposes as the Indians found them good for.

Later On

They were commonly found throughout the countryside as a nut that was found on the Hickory tree. The European colonies picked up the use of roasted pecans after the Indians introduced them to it. The pecan is the only Native American nut tree today. It was best known for being grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They cultivated the orchards of pecans and roasted pecans were used in many of the favorite dishes they served at their tables to family and guests. This must be the reason it is used so prominently today in the same dishes served back then.

Using It Today

Today roasted pecans are the favorite of many especially around the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas as they are perfect additions to special recipes. You can even use the oil from the roasted pecans to fry or add to recipes. It is a sweet tasting treat that will continue to make loyal food lovers stand up and take notice. They can be stored for almost nine months in their plain form if stored in the refrigerator. Freezer storage extends that time to two years. If they are left in the shell, they will last for about six months to a year if kept in a cool dry place for storage. Tins work the best for this.

Nutrition At Its Best

The roasted pecans have been found to be a positive item to add to your diet if you are concerned about your heart health. They also help to curb the appetite of those who are dieting or trying to loose weight. Roasted pecans are much better for you than a processed greasy snack would be. The oil that pecans contain is unsaturated and is alright for the body. Never be afraid to add a handful to any recipe you think they might be good for.

A Solid Tradition

Imagine the great thing that roasted pecans have become. From being the favorite snack of the Indians to being a centerpiece item on the tables of some of the greatest men to run the United States, this snack is still going strong today and is better than it ever could have been back then. Make sure your pantry has a ready supply around and make sure that if you do not already have this as a special tradition in your family that you begin this year during the Holiday season. It will definitely make you family feel more special if you do.

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