Can You Trust The Raw Food Diet

Humans have been intake breezy fruit, vegetables, and nuts 10-50,000 yrs or more b4 we discovered fire, tools and employ to execute animals.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables isn't the new fad diet, or the new South Beach Diet. Believe it or not, humans have been ingestion this way long before they were ingestion processed junky foods. We didn't have access to most types of foods. We were scavengers, pick fruits and ingestion vegetables were a dainty. Nuts were also eaten for protein. It was both that or starve. Humans ate these fruits as is, no additives, no cooking. One and a half million existence ago we cultured how to heat. So for a half million being we ate the food raw, as it was planned. We are the only animals on the world that heat their food. Eating meat doubled the caloric intake of man, which made it easier to hunt and have enough energy to do what needs to be done.

Today, we have access to every enter of food we want at our fingertips. We can order Oolong tea (which must be handpicked on cliffs in dishes) from the internet. You would think that since we have come this far, we would be super souls, so wholesome we would be living 500 years. No so unfortunately. In reality, in some customs we actually have shoddier health now. Some of us are developing cancers at an early age. Some of us are vanishing of core disease or obesity. We are not ingestion correctly. We are stuffing our face with hydrogenated oils, fake goods, high sodium and syrupy foods. It is merely disgusting. We are ahead heaviness at an alarming quotient and looking horribly. It shows in the skin, sags of fat, slothful posture, depressed look, necessity of sexual take, etc. I sensation how long we would live if we adapted the diet of the Japanese.

What people need to grasp is that intake fat released or sweetie unbound foods isn't departure to help. It isn't free to help if you objects your face with snack wells instead of Oreo's. What will help is completely to change what you eat. Remember, you are what you eat, so eat the right things and it will show in your body, psyche and spirit.

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