Cause of All Diseases is Mineral Deficient Food

One of the important properties of ancient people was the fact that they were able to live a more healthy life compared to the people of today. Although their life spans were considerably shorter than the people of today, they were not exposed to several diseases and conditions such as cancer, diabetes, circulatory disorders etc.

Moreover, their bodies were more resilient toward flu and other small viruses. Of course, their active lifestyle was also beneficial toward their quality of life, but their feeding habits were also a major factor.

One major difference between the people of today and the people of 5000 years ago is the fact that our ancient ancestors were able to eat more naturally and thus their food contained some substances that are not found in the soil today. Much research shows that the composition of the soil thousands of years ago was vastly different from the soil of today.

First of all, the soils of the past contained tens of trace minerals and trace elements. These trace elements were selenium, vanadium, silver, gold, tin, platinum, titanium, molybdenum, magnesium, potassium, Germanium, Iridium, Boron and Rhodium.

These trace elements were present in the soil and these elements would also dissolve in natural water supplies and river beds. Hence, the animals at the time as well as crops and plants were exposed to these trace elements regularly.

Thus, by eating animal flesh and the crops that were grown in these soils, our ancestors were able to get these trace minerals and they were able to live lives relatively free of diseases like cancer and circulatory disorders.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, these trace elements are no longer found in our soil due to mining, construction and the usage of heavy industry. In addition, the synthetically produced food stuffs are devoid of these trace elements and thus our modern day humans are struggling with scores of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, flu, depression etc.

However, these diseases can be prevented to a great extent by eating these trace elements in the various super foods that are still available today.
Some examples of these super foods includes things like Marine Phytoplankton which contains the essence of oceans and the vitality of life.

Blue Green Algae which contains chlorophyll, Peruvian Maca for increasing the strength of your immune system as well as your libido strength, raw cacao for fighting depression and increasing bodily strength, Goji berries for a sense of well being, longetivity and for combating fatigue etc. So, as you can see, there are still options available to you as you can buy these super foods.

Almost all of these super foods contain special nutrients, anti oxidants and most importantly these trace elements mentioned above. By consuming these foods, you are able to make sure that your body receives the nutrients that it needs and thus maintains a balance that is vital for its health and longetivity.

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