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Just take a look at how the world has changed over the last fifty years, not all of it has been good. As you arrived at this site you are obviously looking for organic food information and you are no doubt aware that a better alternative exists and are looking at the source and production practices of the companies entrusted with producing the worlds food supplies.

Our purpose of compiling organic food information is to give you an understanding of what is going into food available from the supermarket chains. You will discover that there are many benefits to organic food that you didn't know before. The basic differential of organic food information is the fact that in the production of non organic food farmers are using a lethal cocktail of artificial fertilizers and pesticides to control disease and insect attack in order to produce more crops to satisfy growing demand. These artificial additives leave a chemical residue in and on the fruit and vegetables we consume which in turn is absorbed and stored by our bodies.

It must be recognized that the quality of food has gone down in recent years. Today's fruits have nowhere near the Vitamin C levels they did in years past. However, with this organic food information, you will understand that organic food has approximately fifty percent more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than any other form of produce that has been grown under intensive farming. Therefore, if you aren't consuming non organic produce you will have to increase the volumes you eat in order to make up for this deficiency. But, as you will see, the dangerous cycle continues because you will be consuming more chemicals that are harmful tor your health.

The Use Of Hormones In Meat And Poultry

Another interesting area of organic food information is the production of meats and poultry, many of us only consider produce when considering organic food information, we tend to disregard the antibiotics and hormones that are given to both cattle and poultry as they are being force fed. Ask yourself what happens to all these antibiotics and hormones when the animal is slaughtered, doesn't the residue of these antibiotics and growth hormones reside in the meat which we then consumed ,digest and store in our bodies. There is no way that an animal that isn't kept in healthy conditions can produce healthy food for humans to eat.

What do you have to lose by trying organic product, not only will it be healthy for you but you will also be able to eat produce and meat the way they are supposed to be. Once you have tried eating organic food I am sure you will be so impressed with the taste of organic fruit that you will never return to the mass produced fruit again. Cost and availability can be an issue; you can research online and find a local store that stocks organic produce for a reasonable price.

Even better, take a look around and I am sure you can find an organic farm near your home this will allow you to go direct to the farmer who produces organic produce. With the increase in the popularity of organic food information many farmers are turning to organic methods so you should have no problem finding one in your area. In addition, you can often get cheaper prices when you purchase from the farmer rather than getting from the store.

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