Organic Seasonings Lend Flavor

Organic seasonings make the best choice for foods, because they are produced without contact with toxic substances, and thus offer a healthier alternative to non-organically grown herbs. Herbs and spices are the backbone of cuisines from around the world. Without them, our food would be without flavor; with them, the essence of the food is highlighted and accented perfectly.

If you enjoy cooking recipes from Asian cuisines, there are several wonderful organic spices that you will want to experiment with to bring zest to your meals. You will definitely want to stock up on garlic. Garlic adds an aromatic boost to nearly any savory recipe, and as such it is considered one of the staple organic spices in most kitchens around the world. In Asian cuisines, you will find bulk herbs such as garlic used in curries, and it is a main ingredient in spice pastes and spice rubs used to prepare a variety of meats. Lemongrass is another herb that provides its namesake lemon flavor to curries, among other delicious savory treats. Galangal, which is used to season meats in Asian cuisines, is related to ginger and provides both a pungent and sweet aroma.

For a taste of the South, consider a Cajun or Creole recipe for your next dinner. Some of the organic herbs and spices that you will likely see in use in these cuisines can include bay leaf, garlic, thyme, allspice, bell pepper, onion, cayenne pepper, parsley and hot chillies.

You can recreate some of the wonderful dishes that you might find in a French bistro in your own kitchen, with the appropriate organic seasonings. You might start with an appetizer such as a rillette, which can be made with meat, poultry or fish and is a spread eaten on toast. For a fish rillette you could use bulk herbs such as chives, as well as lemon juice. A main dish featuring poultry could follow, such as a duck confit served with a lentil salad. This might be seasoned with herbs and spices such as salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, bay leaves and parsley. French cuisine also relies on the bouquet garni to flavor savory foods. This typically includes organic seasonings such as parsley, thyme and bay leaf, which is placed inside a piece of cheesecloth. The cloth is tied to enclose the organic herbs and spices, and then a string is tied around the bundle to keep it closed. This simmers along with the food and is removed before serving to impart wonderful aromas to the food.

Every cuisine tastes better when carefully selected, premium-quality organic seasonings are used in the preparation.

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