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It's a funny old world, things go in and out of fashion and it's said to be the doom of man that he forgets (I like that one!). One thing that fits into this pattern is the consumption of raw foodstuffs, back in the day it was ALL we could do!! Yet now it's seems to be viewed as a new and healthy trend. Chew on that for a while, there is really very little out there in the dietary world that we haven't already done, got bored of, forgotten about then had come back as the latest trendy thing to do.

Reading this may mean you are interested in raw food consumption, and good on you! Fresh food eaten raw can literally make your day! It's also one of the simplest of techniques to master; you need a few good tools and a little imagination.

The principal behind raw food consumption is simple: raw food is intact, all the fragile nutrients are present and none of it's "life force" is lessened by processing. It's bonkers when you ponder that most of our food takes days, weeks or even months to reach us from the moment it leaves the soil or is plucked from it's branch. Then the first thing we do is heat treat it!! Cooking as we know it undoubtedly lessens the nutrient potential of fruit and vegetables. As does heat treatments like pasteurizing, or freezing and excessive delay in food reaching our plates (food miles).

So what do we need to eat raw? Strictly nothing more than our teeth, but to spice things up and broaden what we can make a few benchmark tools are required! A Single auger juicer will allow you to juice, grind, mince, and make sauce, importantly you much choose a slow turning machine, as high speed juicers introduce heat and oxygen (two destroyers of nutrients). A powerful blender will add smoothies, milks and more to your menu. Think of a dehydrator as a low temperature oven than gives your fruit and vegetables a shelf life but without lessening the nutrient value too seriously, a dehydrator in your kitchen will allow you to make all sorts of snacks and goodies and make sure nothing goes to waste!

We think that live natural food creates lively natural people. Next time you're in the queue at a burger bar you too may feel, as we do, that we are on set of a zombie movie! Find a juice bar or whole food cafe and compare the buzz!!

In conclusion then we are cellular beings, what I mean by that is nothing hokey it simply means that we are make up of billions of cells, these cells are constantly replicating, dying off, fighting disease and doing thousands of other functions on our behalf. Cells are like miniature factories, then need raw material, and they produce waste materials, we think the best raw materials you can give yourself is a fresh raw "living" diet!

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