Rise In The Natural Organic Food Market

Natural organic food has become a staple in local health food stores and in most grocery stores. Almost all food stores now carry a special section of natural and organic food. Consumers are demanding more and more certified organic foods and this has put a strain on the market.

Sales are growing faster than any other segment of the food industry. Annual sales in the United States are topping anywhere from $16.3 billion to $29.7 billion.

Several reasons exist for both this increase in demand and the hinder of growth. If one understands these, a larger understanding exists of how the natural organic food market will help consumers.

Three reasons exist for the increase in sales of it, however, the main reason is quite simple. Obesity and heart disease are among the prevalent health related deaths of individuals.

A way to avoid both of these is to stay fit and healthy. Such food offers individuals the choice of products lacking in toxins as well as far healthier foods than those previously available. It is for these reasons demand has increased dramatically.

With the increase of E coli, salmonella, and Listeria, people are becoming more aware of the food they put into their bodies. Consumers want to be healthy at all costs and such food offers the assurance of no pesticides or toxins.

This assurance will decrease the amount of infections from occurring due to the lingering affect of chemicals.

One other reason people are choosing such food is because of the demand for environmentally friendly materials. Organic food products are not only free of toxins, but they are also packaged in "green" materials that can easily be recycled.

With the planet trying to take a stance on taking care of the environment, any type of material that can be recycled is a plus.

Even though several reasons exist why natural organic food is a plus, a few reasons do exist that seem to be hindering the growth of this type of market. In organic farming, labor shortages are a great setback.

Farmers are increasing the production of crops and livestock yet a shortage of qualified inspectors is on the rise. With limits in inspections a lack of consistent supply to the markets is starting to occur.

Since demand is increasing, a consistently short supply is the worst thing that could possibly happen to the natural organic food industry.

The market for such food is definitely increasing. The revenue organic foods are generating is on the verge of breaking records. People are trying to become healthier and avoid sicknesses thus the demand for natural organic food is growing by the day.

However, organic farmers are slowly decreasing and effecting the supply of food. With an increase in certified inspectors and farmers once again returning to the fields, natural organic food demand and revenue will continue to rise.

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