Sprouting Wheat at Home

If you've got the space in your kitchen, and old mason jars or Tupperware you're intent on putting to good use, why not sprout your own wheat berries? This makes for a great experiment for the single person with time on their hands, or someone who's looking for a DIY science experiment to do with the kids! Home sprouting wheat also means providing up to five times more vitamins, all while lowering costs substantially.

Wheat grass can also be used for pets. How many times have your dogs headed outside to settle a tummy ache with some delicious grass from your lawn? Too many, so give them a little home grown treat instead.

You will need the following:

- Old Jam jars, mason jars, sturdy Tupperware, or large glass mugs.
- Rubber pants, or ribbon
- Mesh screening
- Rack so your sprouts can hang upside down

Start by filling a jar of wheat berries with cool water. They should be packed in quite dense, so they soak up the liquid nicely. Take your mesh screening, and rubber bands and cover the berries and place in a cool place [think the bank of cupboard, not the fridge..] Keep wheat berries for 48 hrs, stirring occasional to mix things up. After two days replace water. Notice any changes? Good! Your berries are sprouting! It's important you change the water, and keep mixing or you will have one stinky science experiment that you WON'T be able to use. You can store your wheat berries in the fridge for up to a week, but after that they WILL go bad! If you don't plan on using them for awhile, remember to freeze them for a rainy day.

When you've successfully sprouted your berries, there are tons of things you can do to enjoy them. Bake a thick, lovely loaf of whole wheat bread to enjoy with jam and butter. Do-it-yourself sprouted grains hold more nutrients and are far easier to digest, and some folks believe that sprouted wheat can be tolerated by those who have a wheat allergy. Who wouldn't want a chance to enjoy a hot loaf of whole wheat French bread with clotted cream and perseveres? Sprouting wheat is the perfect way to simplify your kitchen, get back to the basics, and provide you, your family, and friends with wholesome and nutritious food at over half the cost you'd spend at the grocery store.

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