US Organic Farm Sector Continues to Expand

Organic farming is an 'ecological production management system'. Organic agriculture promotes biodiversity, biological cycles, & activities relating to soil biology. This type of farming is based on minimal utilization of inputs from off-farm & on practices of management that reinstate, enhance and maintain ecological harmony.

Organic foodstuff handlers, retailers and processors stick to values that sustain the reliability of products made from organic farming techniques. The main objective of organic farming is to increase the health & productivity of interdependent groups of plants, soil life, animals & people.

In US, farmers have been practicing organic farming for decades. State & private establishments also began coming up during 1990s to set standards of organic farming & grant third-party confirmation of label assertions. The bill requiring national standard was given green signal in the 90s. Thus, most divisions of the American organic farm segment have expanded ever since United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) set organic standards in the year 2000.

About fifty organic verification programs, both private and state, are currently recognized by US Department of Agriculture to certify U.S. ranchers, farmers & processors.

More U.S. farmers are considering to adopt organic farming systems to lower input expenses, preserve non-renewable energy resources, capture large-value markets, & raise farm incomes.

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