What Does Organic Really Mean?

Many consumers have been wondering what organic really means. We have heard the topic bandied about, but we are never really sure what it means other than the products are natural in growth. The idea behind organic is that no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or growth regulators have been used. This means the products are created with what is naturally found on the earth. The term "green" has recently been applied for those who care about the environment and a healthy earth. "Green" refers to keeping the earth natural so that we discontinue the use of unnatural products.

To delve further into the meaning of organic we should look at food products. Food products such as fruit have been grown as organic because no synthetic fertilizer has been used nor any pesticides. Organic fruit and vegetables tend to look at little less appealing. This is because farmers are not using a waxy substance to make the fruit appeal to consumers. Instead they are keeping those damaging effects from the consumers and giving us the natural product like it would be found on the actual tree or plant. A banana is a good example of this. Most organic bananas tend to look a little brown and less yellow. This does not mean that the banana is any less desirable to eat. It just means that you are eating a fruit with out any interference in its growing process. Sometimes organic fruit and vegetables do not last as long in the stores because it doesn’t have any preservatives covering it.

Organic may also be applied to other products, not just food. Skin creams and other beauty items are now made with extracts rather than chemically created ingredients. This means that they are natural products. The thing you have to remember about organic products is that some manufacturers may call something organic or natural, but that is because it is over seventy percent water. The regulations created by the government say that something organic must be at least ninety seven percent organic. This means that those products with over seventy percent of water may be labeled organic because most of the ingredients are natural, but they still have quite a few chemical ingredients as well as a lot of water.

Water although natural does not really help the product. In other words it will not be an effective product if it is just water. Water while we drink it does not really help our skin look younger or clean our hair properly. So you will want an organic product that is mostly extracts from natural products. Shampoos and conditioners that are created with just extracts tend to be more effective than water and synthetic chemicals.

Clothing is also becoming organic. Clothing that uses organically grown cotton and other materials can be labeled organic or natural. This means again that the products have not used any synthetic properties in being created even in the agricultural field. Many of the companies in the industry have recognized the need to broaden the organic industry from just food to other products such as clothing.

So, organic means that a product has not been exposed to any sort of chemical that we have created. Organic products use natural elements of the earth. In farming crop rotating is an organic property where the farmer rotates the field they use for crops. The fields are given time to refresh themselves naturally rather than being over used or provided with synthetic fertilizer. Also regarding pesticides, natural forms are being used. There are certain insects that will eat pests of the form. This means the insects can naturally take care of the problem without damaging the earth or the health of the consumers.

Another area of organic to consider is other foods. Foods that are considered natural are those that they do not contain any artificial ingredients. All ingredients of natural food means it is grown on organic land and is not created in a factory. So in essence this means natural food is also organic.

Keeping in mind that organic foods are created without the use of artificial ingredients, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and growth regulators. In order to call something organic the regulations of the government have to be followed. This means an organic product is considered at least ninety seven percent all natural. If there is a doubt just looking at the ingredients on the back of the package will help you determine the organic status. There will also be a sticker of some sort from the manufacturer to tell you that it is organic.

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