Easy Ways To Turn A Potato Into A Meal

Potatoes are a standard of many people's diet. This is due to the fact they are such a versatile food. Potatoes can be boiled, fried, mashed, baked, or turned into chips. We won’t be frying any potatoes today, but by using the other ways a potato can be prepared, you can turn it into a meal your kids will love.

Let’s prepare a baked potato deluxe. To make the skin of the potato peel back easier rub them with olive oil prior to baking them. I personally prefer that better than using the aluminum foil wrap. I’ve seen people cut the potato prior to removing the foil and I wonder how many small particles of that foil are in that potato. While the potatoes are baking, enlist the help of your children to help you prepare the potato bar. Let them add a few of their favorites to your list. I would recommend that a good list start with: shredded cheese, bacon crumbles (they taste better than bacon bits), chopped green onions, salsa, butter spray or low calorie margarine, and sour cream. While the potatoes are piping hot, split them open and add the butter spray and the cheese to allow it a chance to melt. Then, add the other items if desired. This loaded baked potato won't require anything else unless you would like a salad. Kids will like that fact that they get to fix their own dinner.

For a light lunch, scoop the potato out of the baked skins. Mash the potato and mix it with shredded cheese, bacon crumbles, green onions, and low-fat margarine. Refill the potato skins and bake again until the cheese is melted. Slice the potato into four sections to make it easier for your children to handle. These twice baked potatoes are delicious.

Soup's On! Potato soup is yummy. It is best in the fall or winter to warm you up on a chilly afternoon, but on a spring evening, it can be a nice change of pace. But, potato soup is boring with just the potatoes. Here’s another way to make a meal for your children using a potato. Add a few tasty items to your soup. You can almost add the same things to the soup that you can add to top a baked potato. My favorite toppings for potato soup are shredded cheese, broccoli florets, bits of ham or bacon, chives, and green onions. The meat gives it more protein to sustain your kids until the next meal. Potato soup can be consumed as a lunch meal or a light dinner. All of the additions give it great taste for the children.

The potato even works in a salad. Everyone makes their potato salad a little differently, but however they prepare it, it is great to eat on a warm summer’s day for lunch. Potato salad is usually a side dish item at picnics or housewarming parties. Here we will transform it into a light meal for the children and you. To add a little crunch, add diced celery and onion to the salad. For the meat, use sliced shrimp for a seafood twist or ham cubes. The potato chunks should still be the largest thing in the bowl since it is the star of the dish. Mayonnaise and mustard round out the list of ingredients with salt and pepper added to taste.

Potatoes are enjoyable and wallet friendly. There are so numerous ways that they can be prepared which adds to their appeal. If you are searching for a way to fix them that will be tasty and satisfy your kids, try the tips above in addition to some of your own.

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