Fruit Vegetables Provide Antioxidants

It is hard to believe but one of the ways to help prevent certain cancers relies on the compounds found in a number of plants that are known to have antioxidant properties. Certain plants contain phytonutrients that are compatible with our own body's system to help keep us healthy.

The research into these fantastic compounds continues with over nine hundred compounds discovered already; with these discoveries (and more to come), scientists believe the face of healthcare is changing, hopefully forever. There has been a whole host of discoveries made into the properties of these phytonutrients; cherries for instance are able to reduce the pain in joints and blueberries have anti-aging properties.

Containing less sugar than most fruits, the blueberry can also boast a number of other antioxidant properties too. Currently the most efficient and pleasurable way to get the benefits of these fruits is by drinking their juice; some of the many benefits have been improvements in the body's capacity to heal itself and benefits to circulation. These can also strengthen the body's ability to fight disease and infection due to they're powerful antioxidants and healthy nutrients. The health benefits of apples are now being researched with a reduced chance of coronary disease being one of these.

Now citrus fruits too are showing that they have a use with a number of beneficial phytochemicals contained in them. Anti-inflammatory agents contained in tart cherries are proving beneficial for those with joint pain like arthritis and gout. Of course we already now about the benefits of certain vitamins and minerals, which have been available for some time. Another group of antioxidants called Phytoalexins (resveratrol) found in many berries can prevent infection and have anti-viral properties.

Many aging conditions, including Alzheimer's, can be treated with some of these. Others found in tomatoes make this one super-food in the prevention of heart disease. However, it is now recognized that the best way to receive a sufficient quantity of the antioxidants contained in a tomato is by having it as a puree in a dish using tomato sauce or as a juice. The sweet, juicy watermelon is actually packed with some of the most important in phytonutrients in nature. The health benefits of plants are still in the early stages but why wait to appreciate the benefits this whole range of fruits can bring.

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