Fruits and Vegetables from China are Gaining Value

China that produces half of the world's vegetables and fruit is all set to leave Netherlands behind in coming 2 to 3 years to emerge as the world's 3rd biggest exporter of fresh produce in terms of value.

Escalating volumes of vegetable and fruit exports, especially to present small markets, such as EU & US, are likely to boost this hike in value, in combination with dynamic sales of higher value-added goods.

The export data shows a growing trend & this is anticipated to be an area of opportunity for the international market fuelled by development of retail segment. For supermarkets, fruit & vegetables are an objective category & another mode for their growth.

The demands by retail & other developing segments, such as foodservices, are also generating prospects for bigger processors of fresh produce, many of them being international or JVs (joint ventures).

These dealers have actually made their mark in meeting the stringent requirements of quality for foodservices. There are abundant opportunities for overseas companies to contribute in the segment both as exporters and manufacturers to the industrial segment. Lots of domestic enterprises are looking to associate with foreign companies for knowledge transfer.

According to the RNCOS report "China Retail Sector Analysis (2006-2007)", China has witnessed phenomenal growth in last few years. In year 2005, total retail sales reached US$ 755 Billion. Large base of strong middle class expected to double in 2020 will drive the future growth of China's retail market.

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