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The road to becoming a Vegan is often a long and for some even a difficult path to take. For many becoming a Vegetarian is quite simple, but to become a full vegan is often very difficult for many people.
When many people first begin their journey, they cut out red meat, and continue with white meats such as seafood and chicken. The next step is to cut out the white meats as well, many then replace the protein with the variety of fake meats available or the variety of tofu's that are available. A lot of people don't like tofu, but it is usually because they are trying to cook the wrong style of tofu or cook the tofu that already comes prepared ready to consume.
Really when it comes to tofu, you just have to seek some advice from someone who is good and experienced at preparing meals utilising tofu.

The next step and often the most difficult step is to remove dairy and eggs from your diet, this can be so difficult for a lot of people as they simply don't understand or know about the substitutes. Cheese can be extremely difficult to cut out of your diet if you are a cheese lover as many people find the substitutes nothing like cheese and quite terrible to taste. One excellent substitute for cream cheese is "Tofutti" it is available in many countries throughout the world and is a good substitute for a dip or a spread. Another cheese alternative worth experimenting with is the Follow Your Heart cheese, it is not great cold, but if you add some garlic salt and nutritional yeast to it and cook it on a pizza or in lasagna it is pretty good, however you do have to heat it to around 450 degrees to melt it.

If you really want to become a Vegan, plan the transition slowly and believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. If you believe it is going to be difficult, then it will in deed be difficult for you. However if you make up your mind that it is going to be easy and enjoyable and maybe even an adventure, then it will indeed be that for you. Play around with your foods and experiment with herbs and spices, you will be amazed at the flavors you discover. Get advice from someone who has travelled the road before you and there are plenty of people, places and resources available.

Eating naturally, learning and experimenting with how to cook to suit your new healthy lifestyle can be a very exciting and rewarding journey. I suggest that you invest in a few of the best vegan recipe books that are available from people who have taken the journey before you, then once you get the art behind your new style of cooking, experiment more with
the ingredients and spices. You will rediscover food, which is probably much healthier for you anyway and feel much more alive and energetic. Remember "You are what you eat" if you eat fresh and healthy you will be fresh and healthy.

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